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Part 2: Why are my Twins so Different?
by Ruth Orvis
Astrology and Twins

So why do biological twins often differ so much? Firstly, the timing between the births can make a crucial difference. Even if the twins were born ten minutes apart the Ascendant could have changed zodiac signs, so that outwardly the twins will appear completely different. For instance, one twin may have a Virgo Ascendant and appear quite reserved and a bit of a perfectionist, whilst the other twin with a Libra Ascendant will be outgoing and love parties! The Moon may also have changed signs so that the twins will have different emotional temperaments. A twin with Moon in Pisces will be emotionally sensitive and easily hurt with a tendency to hide in the background, whereas the twin with Moon in Aries will be feisty, quick tempered and oblivious to how their tendency to ‘tell it like it is’ can sometimes upset others! Also, the angles between the planets in the chart of one twin may be closer, or further away, than that of the other twin, and this will impact on how strongly they influence the child’s personality.

Gemini--the Sign of the Twins

But some twins are born so close together that the differences cannot be due to changes of Ascendant, Moon sign or angles. In fact the horoscopes may be virtually identical and yet the twins will still seem different from each other – why? What I have found is that twins often seem to take on, and play out, different parts of the horoscope. One twin may ‘take on’ the manner of the Ascendant, whereas the other twin will take on the manner of the Moon sign. Suppose you had twins who were born with Pisces Ascendant, Scorpio Sun and Capricorn Moon. What I have found so fascinating is that invariably one twin will appear a mix of Pisces and Scorpio, intense, brooding but also mystic and other-worldly. Yet the other twin will seem a mix of Capricorn and Scorpio, intense, brooding but also deeply ambitious and responsible. It’s as if they are playing out different characters within the same play. Perhaps when they argue with each other they are really arguing with a part of themselves!

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About the Author: Ruth Orvis is a part-time Astrologist from England who happens to have a passing interest in twins as they run in her family.
She can be contacted via e-mail at:

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