10 y/o identical twins one "gifted" other not

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    My twin girls have always been very similar ability in everything. They're both lovely singers, good at public speaking, very well behaved at school, lots of friends, fast swimmers.....Basically little clones.

    However just this academic year, 1 girl is getting ahead of the other. They are both able and clever so it hasn't taken much for this one to become "gifted" according to the school CAT 4 test. So she is being selected for STEM team tournaments and in a higher group and all the things you would expect....also for first time ever got a higher rating in report card.

    I am really conflicted about this and of course am extrapolating out to imagine them having to make different choices ref uni, career etc. They've always been so "matched" and while they are definitely individuals we have all, I now realise, taken comfort from their closeness and similarity. No rivalry, no jealousy, none of the things many siblings argue about. They even shared the starring role in school play!

    Does anyone have words of wisdom from one who's been there? How do I praise one without appearing to slight the other? It's hard because neither has an interest in doing something alone, so it's not like I can say "you're great at French while your sister is great at science" if you see what I mean? Anything academic and one is just better than the other. And anything extra curricular they're both equally great at. I know this is a nice problem to have, please don't get me wrong. But I worry very much about the twin who is being left behind.
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    How is the twin who was not rated gifted handling things?
    I can only say that with my twins (who are 11) that at this age, they are showing strengths and weaknesses in different areas. My daughter is better in math than my son (she is in a advanced math class this year with three other classmates, my son is not one of them). He's better at public speaking, social studies. I've told them that everyone is not good at the same thing and you might be good at something but someone is going to better than you at it. I just stress that they both try their best and work hard in whatever it is that they chose to do and praise them for their individual achievements.
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