11-12 month feeding schedule

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  1. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    we have been offering solid and finger food right before bottles for 1.5 months. They eat solid a bit better now. And they dont drink their milk that well after eating solid. So what should i do? should i delay their bottles 30-60 mins after solid. We still have 4 9oz bottles and 3 solid (cereal, baby food, and finger food)/day. We give them 30 mins for solid, and bottles right after solid. Here is our schedule:

    8-830: breakfast, bottles
    9: naps
    12-1230: lunch, bottles
    2: naps
    4-430: dinner, bottles
    7: cat naps
    8-830: bottles. bath
    9-930: bed time

    Bottles: 9 oz/each: they usually finish like 7-9 oz.
    Solid: each has 2 tbps of oatmeal cereal mix with 1.5 oz EBM, 1/2 baby food container about 1.5 - 1.75 oz,
    finger food: puffs, half of banana (rarely finish it) or organce or mango,pancake (breakfast) or eggs, veggies: carrot, green beans. But they dont eat much finger food. They play more than eat lol

    I know my kids dont eat much solid but we are trying our best. Lately, they dont want to drink milk right after their solid. So i guess its time to change our schedule again. And I dont think they are ready to drop one bottles. I think they still get all the nutrition from their bottles. And they havent been gaining much weight lately.

    What was/is your schedule like at 11-12 months? TIA!!!!
  2. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    Around 10 months, we cut back to three bottles and added a snack. So our schedule was like this:
    6:30am (wake up) - bottle
    8am - breakfast (cereal mixed with fruit, some finger foods)
    10:30am - bottle
    12:30pm - lunch (meat, veggies, cereal with fruit)
    2:30ish (after nap) - snack (usually fruit or yogurt)
    5:30pm - dinner (meat, veggies, cereal with fruit)
    7pm - bottle and bed

    Around 11 months, we began the transition from bottles to sippy cups, which we completed right at a year old. The first thing I did was took their 10:30am bottle and spread it out as formula in a sippy with their three meals, and a bit after that, I swapped the wakeup bottle for some cheerios and water (to tide them over to breakfast), and the bedtime bottle became a bedtime sippy cup.

    I know you say your kids aren't eating much solids, but I wonder if you cut their milk back if their solids would pick up more. We were doing formula and not EBM, but our pedi said 16-24 oz. of formula from 9-12 months.

    And yes, they are going to play with a lot of it - our boys still do that. DH has finally accepted it - he wanted to keep spoon feeding them so they wouldn't waste it! My philosophy is they will eat if they are hungry, or will let me know later if they are hungry, so after they have thrown food three times, we end the meal. Since we started doing that, they throw a LOT less.
  3. ktfan

    ktfan Well-Known Member

    Four 7 oz bottles is more than enough for almost a year old. Even if they only finished 5 or 6 oz after a meal that would be plenty. I say they're doing just fine! :D
  4. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    Im so confused now. I talked to a nurse at our pedi office today. She read me a feeding chart. She said they need 26-32oz of milk, 3 meal and a snack/day....

    i try to give them milk in sippy or opened cups, but they refuse, they only take couple sips. They love/only drink water from sippys. I plan on cut down 1 mid bottle and offer 3 oz of milk in sippy.but I dont think they will drink it. Did your twins hold their bottles? mine can but they only do it when they are super hungry. However, they hold their water cups.

    Today, we offered a yogurt candyfor snack. my boy loved it and ate alot.
  5. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure each pedi will tell you something slightly different, so do whatever you are comfortable with as far as amounts. But I would definitely spread out the solids and milk so they aren't so close together.

    When we first did formula in a sippy, they would NOT drink it and made this face like I must have been completely crazy to give them that....it took a few days for them to get used to the idea that sippy can have milk or water - for about a week or so, I just did a bit with each meal for practice, then started cutting out bottles and upping the formula in the sippy. Also, we use the straw cups, which really help because they don't have to tip them up. Our boys were not too good about holding their bottles - Michael would most of the time from about 10.5 months on, but Gabriel was very off and on, but they both do great with the straw sippies.
  6. mandywellman

    mandywellman Well-Known Member

    EVERY SINGLE PEDIATRICIAN IS DIFFERENT, AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! But waht I have learned is do what is best for you and your kids, it sounds to me they are not finishing their bottles because they are havign them right after they eat their "meals"

    I would try and space their bottles out and maybe drop one of their bottles. We jsut dropped from 3 to 2 bottles and the one I drooped now is in a sippy cup during nap time.

    I think they would eat better solid food and bottle if you did that! My girls are now getting two 8oz bottles, one when they wake up and one b4 bedtime. Then they get two sippy cups of 4 oz one after morning napy and one before afternoon nap.
  7. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    I know it's time to drop bottle, but I'm so worried they will lose weight, won't eat enough,... I'm always nervous when we have to deal with their feeding schedule.

    I will start giving milk in sippy cups next week. I hope they won't fight much. Thanks ladies!
  8. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I would definitely cut back on the bottles. 36 ounces seems like a lot of milk. What I did at the age was they woke up...and got a bottle immediately, so by 7:30 am. Then about 30-45 minutes later, I gave them breakfast. And if they didn't finish their bottle, they could then.

    Lunch time...I gave them their solids(they were on table foods by this time). So this was around noon. Naptime was 1 pm. I gave them their bottles at this time, and then put them to bed.

    They woke from nap and had a snack or whatever. Dinner time was 5ish. And last bottle was right before bed-at 7pm. When they had four bottles, the fourth was after naptime.

    Pretty soon they will be getting their milk with their meals, that's the ultimate goal(doesn't mean it happens here!).

    As for sippy cups-you can give them to them now. If you want to drop the bottles altogether, go ahead and try the cups. If they know a bottle is coming, they won't try as hard with the cups. They are smart cookies! ;) Good luck! It seems like the FY is just chock full of transitions! You figure one thing out, and are faced with another set of transitions!
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