2.5 month olds aren't napping!

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Tarynd, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Hello! My boys are always wanting to be held to fall asleep. For naps, I try to feed, then burp, then rock. Once u think they have fallen asleep, I will try to place them in a swing. Sometimes, the other one starts crying so I have to tend to him. But the one I placed down usually wakes right up unless I was able to hold him for at least 20 minutes. I know they are overtired, but have no idea of hiw to get them down to nap. I am breAstfeeding and one of my friends thought maybe they weren't satisfied with my milk.
    At this time, I am trying to nap in the living room. I do have a 2 year old who is active (loud at times). Should I bring twins up to their room in crib with white noise machine? At night they sleep in their rock n plays initially. I do give one night time bottle between 6 and 7. They usually take 2 ozs and pass out. We bring them upstairs, and they will sleep anywhere from 2 to 5 hours at a time. When they wake, I will nurse them, burp, and then hold to sleep. Same thing happens if I put them down- they wake up! They need more sleep!!! Please help!
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    Trying their cribs probably wouldn't hurt. I doubt that it's due to dissatisfaction with your milk. All my babies have gone through multiple periods where they don't nap/sleep well. When all else fails, I move bed time earlier until they are better rested and then work our way back to the original bed time. One thing I have learned is that good sleep begets good sleep so if you can get them sleeping a bit more at night for a few days it actually helps that napping. HTH!
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    So, first, it's not your milk!! :) (I'm assuming there have been no other concerns with growth, latch, etc) What you're describing is pretty common, normal newborn behavior. Are you swaddling? If not, I would definitely try that. I would bring the white noise machine down to the living room for now & place it by where they're sleeping. My little ones didn't ever seem to take to the swing much until they were a bit older (3-4 months).

    Do you have any wraps or slings? Will they nap well in there? Depending on how big they are you could wear both in a Moby wrap or if they're too big for that, you can use woven wraps & wear one on your front & one on your back. Or just focus on wearing one & getting that one better rested & sleeping in the crib/swing & then do the same with the other.
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    No, it's not your milk. :hug: At about 2.5-3 months is when I started transitioning to a crib in their room. Maybe they sleep better sitting up in a bouncy or swing, which is fine, too, but about then mine were starting to not be able to sleep through anything (ie other toddlers :) ). So I'd work on one at a time, whomever is easier I'd tackle first in hopes that you'd get one baby sleeping ok then you can focus on the other.
  5. twinkler

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    Yup this! and ditto - it's not your milk! Like Michelle, I started transitioning them to their crib for naps around this time too (maybe a little later because I put off going up and down stairs Lol!) and like you I had them in a pnp in the living room to begin with. We have a study downstairs so I moved the pnp in there and initially had the better sleeper in the pnp and the other in the swing in the other room. I second the swaddling, it helped a lot with our babies - I swaddled before feeding and that way if they fell asleep before finishing the feed, I was able to unswaddle to wake them up.

    When you put them down, have you tried patting them and shushing, for a little amount of time to see if they will settle that way? I remember this time being the hardest of all, being pulled in two directions. If you have a wrap, this might make it easier to settle one, while you carry the other. My girls didn't really get used to the swing either until around 4 months, so sometimes I used a single stroller inside the house, pushing it up and down while I shushed and patted the other in the pnp.

    Hang in there! It'll definitely get easier...
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