2nd set of Fraternal Boys Arrived!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by chicagomama, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. chicagomama

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    So my boys were delivered yesterday, around the time the duchess was delivering. After being told throughout my pregnancy they are mono-di, lo and behold they have different blood types! So for us, not only a second set of twins, but a second set of fraternal boys! They look eriely like our first set too! So our birth story turned out a little different than I imagined! I went in for the induction at 630am. By 730 I was on pit, my ob checked me at 830 and I was 3 cm dilated (as I have been the last three weeks) and he broke my water and upped the dose of pitocin. Not much action at that point, I even sent my husband out for errands and food. By 1030 the contractions were closer so I texted my hubby to come back and discussed having the epidural placed with RN. I asked her to check me first and but she said they would do the epi and then check. The contractions started coming in stronger then, and when the anesthesiologist arrived in the room, I had a contraction so strong with pressure and urge to push the nurse checked me and found me to be complete. We briefly discussed what to do about getting to the OR, getting the epi and finding my ob when the urge became so strong, a resident came into the room and told me to go ahead and deliver. At 11am, my twin A was delivered at 5lbs10oz with no epi...twin B delivered 10 minutes later 5lbs 8oz, never made it to the OR and my OB showed up right after I delivered the placenta! I did tear around my urethra (ow!) and took a dose of norco after, but no other complications B/c Babies were SGA (small for gestational age) they had to do blood sugar checks but they did fine w/them so we will d/c home tomorrow. Yet another memorable birth experience for me! Loving these guys...it took longer for me to accept and connect to the pregnancy but now they are here and healthy and I am over the moon.
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    Congratulations, you make this sound easy :). Enjoy the first few weeks.
  4. weegus

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    Congratulations to you and your family, Jessica! Let the fun begin (again)!!
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    Hooray! Welcome to the world, boys! Congrats, Jessica!
  7. genagoodrow

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    What an exciting story, congrats!

    I remember reading about your amazing first twin birth. If you don't mind sharing, did you use the same OB, and were your second set of guys born vertex first, or did they get creative like their older brothers?

    Great news! Hope you're all recovering well!
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  10. chicagomama

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    This time around both boys were head down...so no creative maneuvers...just AROM + pitocin and BAM!! :) Yes it was the same OB, he was disappointed that he didn't arrive on time b/c he was in the OR scratching his head as to where I was. I told him that thanks to him I have two VERY memorable birth stories with amazing outcomes....I couldn't be more grateful...
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    :woo: Congratulations!!!
  14. summerfun

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    :Clap: Congrats on your boys!!
  15. FGMH

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    Congratulations, enjoy your babymoon!
  16. AimeeThomp

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    Congratulations to you on your boys!! Wow, what an exciting birth!!
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