3 year old and Preparation H!

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by threebecamefive, May 19, 2009.

  1. threebecamefive

    threebecamefive Well-Known Member

    So one of the boys got a tube of Preparation H out of our medicine cabinet and used it as hair gel. He is a greasy mess! Apparently this is petroleum based. Any ideas of how to get this out!!?? We've tried regular shampoo, baby shampoo, and Dawn Dish detergent (which, by the way, DOES get out Vaseline, but does NOT get out Prep H!). Any other ideas? :umm:

    At least he's clean! Except his hair, of course! :nea:
  2. tinalb

    tinalb Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I would think just many, many washings. Neutragena shampoo is great for stripping almost anything out of hair if you have it, but I think it's just going to take time. That is so funny that he put it in his hair though! I guess it could have been worse, at least he didn't eat it! :p
  3. anicosia

    anicosia Well-Known Member

  4. threebecamefive

    threebecamefive Well-Known Member

    Try this. or this one might be better.

    Thanks! I went to both links and read the suggestions. I'm going to try the Olive Oil and Palmolive tomorrow. :D Seems to me that he should have well oiled hair by the time we're done! (I know, the Palmolive will strip all the oil, it just sounds like a greasy, oily mess!).
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