34 week amniotic fluid tests?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by jewelliebird, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. jewelliebird

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    I had an appointment today (I'm 30 weeks) and my doctor (who btw is MUCH better than the last doctor that I saw, and who I really did not like) said that if I wanted (and that its recommended) that I should begin weekly tests on the babies starting around 34 weeks to make sure they are growing normally and that their amniotic fluid is at the right level. She said they would take a sample of the amniotic fluids.

    Did any of you do these tests? I told her I'd like to do them, and she said we'd talk more about it at my next appointment in 2 weeks. Now I am super curios as to what these tests are. I can't find any info online or in my books. All I can picture is a giant needle going into my stomach...ahh! Whatever it takes to keep em safe I guess, but ow!

    Also, I stubbed my toe a couple of weeks ago and it hurt like a mother! The swelling never went down, and today I went to the beach and now it hurts worse than when I stubbed it. Pretty sure its broken or fractured, and its AWFUL! Nothing like being 20 pounds heavier and trying to walk on a broken toe! So watch your feet ladies, seriously, you don't want this!

  2. wvtwinmama

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    My doctor started non stress tests around 34 weeks, and would also monitor amniotic fluid levels via ultrasound. But he never took any amniotic fluid samples. But maybe someone else is familiar with that. Good luck!!
  3. rayceryin12

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    I had the same as the above poster, but started my NST's at 32 weeks.
  4. jewelliebird

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    The more I research, the more I think that she's just going to do the ultrasound amniotic fluid level testing. It seems crazy to do the amniocenteis, and I highly doubt that that's what they're planning. If they are, I think I will deny the tests, especially if they can get a good look at the fluid levels via ultrasound.

    The twins haven't had any complications so I bet its just the standard NSTs.
  5. twinkler

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    I had fortnightly screening scheduled from 30 weeks and a couple of times I had to go in twice in a week when they found an anomaly in the fluid. Towards the end, like closer to 35 weeks, I wished I had weekly appointments to put my mind at rest so if they've given you that option, I would highly recommend it perhaps closer to or past 34 weeks. I'm with you on that I highly doubt they would be planning an amniocentesis - there are huge risks involved with that procedure and I'm not very familiar with what else they use that procedure for, but I thought it was to check for Downs around 26 weeks if all the other tests came back uncertain? Also I imagine that just getting a sample of fluid wouldn't necessarily be able to predict the amount of fluid in the sac? If I remember correctly, at ultrasound they measure from the back of the baby's neck to the lining of amnio sac to determine how much fluid is present.
  6. miss_bossy18

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    Amnios are sometimes used to determine lung maturity: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/amniocentesis/MY00155

    Here's a good post that describes the methods they use to measure amniotic fluid via ultrasound: http://evidencebasedbirth.com/what-is-the-evidence-for-induction-for-low-fluid-at-term-in-a-healthy-pregnancy/

    It's describing the procedure for a singleton pregnancy - I don't know if there are different protocols for twin pregnancy.
  7. Heathermomof5

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    Starting at 28 weeks I was seen twice a week. At that point it was found that my babyA's fluid level was low and that she had not grown at all in the two weeks since my last visit. Plus she was very lethargic and had to be awakend with the buzzer. They checked the fluid level closely and warned me if the level dropped any at all that tey would go ahead and take them, I was also put on bed rest at that point. I think that with all twin pregnancies, with each ultrasound they check fluid levels whether they tell us that is what they are doing or not!? I imagine that your dr is just keeping a close eye on you and was just letting you know that fluid levels would be something they would check on?

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