6 Weeks 5 days pregnant with twins

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by S.Martintwin, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. S.Martintwin

    S.Martintwin Member

    I found out on 6/3/08 that my husband and I are expecting twins. My problem is the websites I read are very negative about twin birth. Most of them say miscarriage, before 20 weeks, is at a higher risk for twins. The day we found out we were having twins my doctor gave me a picture of the ultrasound and explained to me that everything looked good, including my HCG levels and wanted me to come back in three weeks for my next ultrasound to hear the heartbeat. Instead of reading websites I would like to get information from people, like you, that have real experiences in twin pregnancy. If any one know the odds of early miscarriage of one or both babies please let me know. I would like to know of any other risks. Really, I need all the information I can get! I have a really good feeling about my precious babies, I just need some reassurance.
  2. sulik110202

    sulik110202 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your twins. I carried my twins to 38 weeks and had a scheduled c-section. No problems or complications with my pregnancy (outside of being huge). I am glad that you found this web-site. You will find a lot of helpful tips and advise from the ladies here. Good luck and stay positive for you little ones!
  3. Kyrstyn

    Kyrstyn Well-Known Member

    Welcome to TS and Congratulations on your Twin PRegnancy!! Google is the devil when it comes to finding information on twin pregnancy. Im so glad you found us, you will find a plethora of positive information on here!! Just try to take it one day at a time.
  4. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Hi and welcome to Twinstuff! :sign0016: Congrats on your twins. :Clap:

    You will find a lot of information on this website and so much support from all these wonderful women. Glad you found us. :)
  5. Jenn G

    Jenn G Well-Known Member

    Having twins means you have an increased risk for complications, but it also means you'll get increased monitoring from your ob. And plenty of women have problem free twin pregnancies. There are so many success stories on here- definitely set this site to your favorites and don't do any more research on the internet- it will only freak you out. Congratulations on your twins and welcome to twinstuff!!
  6. TwinLove

    TwinLove Well-Known Member

    :wavey: and Welcome to Twinstuff! Congrats on your twins! :Clap:

    My first peace of advice is to step away from looking up information. My theory is that what is meant to happen will and you don't need to stress yourself over something you have no control over. :hug99: I've never looked up statistics on miscarriage with twins because it would only send me into a big mess of worry. Just talk to your doctor, get regular visits {which you will get more of since it's twins} and try to enjoy it as much as possible. Every woman and pregnancy is different, so there isn't anyone who can tell you how long you'll go, etc. You can only hope for the best. I thought I was going to go early {no reason why, everyone just said I would because it was twins} and I ended up going to 39 weeks.

    I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy! :Clap: You have come to the right place for support.
  7. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I would agree with what Liz said, the info I kept looking up when I was first pregnant scared the bejesus out of me. As it turned out, I had an event free pregnancy. I dealt with some major swelling at the end but that is normal. I went until 38 weeks when I had my scheduled c-section because baby A was breech!

    Finding Twinstuff was (and still is ) a great resource for myself and DH and being on here helped me calm down about my pregnancy.
  8. melstofko

    melstofko Well-Known Member

    Congrats and welcome!! I had the same experience as you did. I read everything that I could find about twins in pregnancy books and on the internet and ended up driving myself crazy with worry. My doctor explained to me that there are chances of higher compications, but that is why we are watched so closely. She also explained to me that the statistics they give you for birth defects, loss, etc. are also higher because your chances are literally doubled (you have 2 babies in there now) and the rates of twin birth are lower compared to singles so you have to factor in those things when looking at all of those scary statistics as well. Try to use twinstuff as a resource as I have found a lot of dependable and encouraging info from women who have "been there and done that". Good luck :)
  9. bstone716

    bstone716 Well-Known Member


    I ditto everything everyone else has said. And I'm so glad you found us! There's no better source out there than here on TS! We are automatically higher risk because of multiples; therefore, we're watched much more closely (thankfully). You'll hear many different stories here on TS - bedrest, no bedrest, full term, preemie...everything in between.

    Personally, I delivered at 35w4d due to my rising BP (borderline pre-e) via scheduled C-section. Both of my boys were healthy and came home with us with no NICU time.

    Ask lots of questions here on TS! And look into the Big Sister program too!!

  10. tamaras

    tamaras Well-Known Member

    YAY! Congratulations on your twins! :)

    I too was scared/nervous/anxious when I first found out I was expecting twins. I read everything I could get my hands on & ended up scared and even more nervous!!!

    Once I found Twinstuff things got so much better. I was talking to REAL people who were in the same boat as me or who had recently been there.

    I also carried my girls to almost 38 weeks, had a planned c-section & they had no NICU time :)

    Glad you found us & visit often!!
  11. 2boysforus

    2boysforus Well-Known Member

    Congratulations!!! You've come to the right place!!

    I agree with the previous posts...the internet can be terrifying...it was for me! Instead, try to relax a little and stay on top of your nutrition and rest.

    Yes, a twin pregnancy comes with increased risks, but LOTS of people have very healthy, uneventful, full-term twin pregnancies, too!
  12. bmatlock

    bmatlock Well-Known Member

    welcome! :sign0016: and much congrats!!! nothing new to add, just glad you found the TS site...i'm very new to the board and it's been a great support to me.
    enjoy your twice-blessed pregnancy! :Clap:
  13. melissa1

    melissa1 Well-Known Member

    The best advice I could give is stop looking at websites about twins..I found out I was having twins at three months and was terrified so of course I go home and start googling...That made me a complete mess...until I found this site and it has been a life savor!! Now I could not imagine having just one baby it is so much different as far as what you have to go through more doctors visits which is great because with all that attention it makes you feel at ease. The first time you feel them both move is an experience that no one but mommies to twins can understand :) Congratulations :clapping: try not to worry it is gonna be great different and a little harder, but twice as wonderful!!!
  14. Lizzybo

    Lizzybo Well-Known Member


    I'm doing well so far at 27 weeks (or close to it). I have a few friends who had twins and most of them carried to 36-38 weeks. One carried to 32 weeks, but that was due to preeclampsia and other health issues (the other issues not related to twins).
  15. andbabiesmake4

    andbabiesmake4 Active Member

    I was also worried about my twins - I was spotting, to begin with, at 6-8 weeks, but my doctor assured me that it was more common in a twin pregnancy... I was seen by a perinatal specialist to make sure everything was indeed OK, and sure enough, it was.

    I'm at 32.5 weeks right now and everything's going pretty well. So far I've avoided bedrest and pretty much any other restriction (besides traveling, but that was a standard for twins at my OB's practice).

    It's totally natural to worry, but like my doctor says (easier said than done, I know), don't worry about anything until it becomes an issue.

    Congrats on your twins, and hang in there :) Just do what you can and take it day by day!
  16. jasonsmommy

    jasonsmommy Well-Known Member

    I was worried too. I felt instantly fragile the moment I found out it was twins.. But I was fine. No problems at all. Carried tll 37 weeks then had a scheduled c-section.. Congrats and try not to worry.. I know, I know.
  17. muscaria10

    muscaria10 Well-Known Member

    I totally agree, googling is bad for twin mothers!!! I was a nerve wreck after I googled for one day, posing numerous questions that sent my Dr. laughing away. She immediately asked if I've been googling!!

    Then I found this website through a twin mother who just gave birth, and I felt that I've been saved from the boundary of depression! This community provides you with all the personal experiences (real-life that is!), gives you warmth and also encouragement to go through what everyone here is or has gone through.

    Ask away and I'm sure someone, along the way, has some answer or encouraging story that inspires u!!! :love0028:

  18. Twins08

    Twins08 Well-Known Member


    You've found the right place for expecting twins. I agree with all of the above, and can't add much more than that! :)
  19. Mom2SaraandSam

    Mom2SaraandSam Well-Known Member

    Welcome and congratulations! Now stop googling..you'll only stress yourself out! Trust me! I think most twin pregnancies deliver well with minimal problems....I'm speculating, I'm only 17 weeks, but have had NO problems and have two strong heartbeats down there.
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