7 month old babies from hell!

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by monkeykids, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. monkeykids

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    hello! Im new here... My name is Jess and my boy/girl twins are Brooklyn (little guy) and Rory (little gal). 
    They are so sweet and fun, I love how much they love each others company and how having two keeps me on my toes.
    They are 7 months old now and sleep has never been 'easy' ..but it has worked. 
    For the past two days is HASNT been working.
    our day today was:
    Rory woke at 5:30am
    Brooklyn woke at 6:30am
    Rory back to bed at 6:30am - 9am (this is not a normal occurrence, usually they will both take their morning nap around 9am, i think this is where our day turned crazy)
    Brooklyn back to bed at 9am - 10:15am
    bottles/lunch/play ect
    both to bed at 12:40pm
    both awake at 1:20pm
    WHAT?! 40 minutes?!
    I tried for 45 minutes to settle them back to sleep (sending me a tad crazy) with no success.
    i decided at 3:30 it was nap time again and Brooklyn eventually settled after about half an hour (he is usually the easy one). Rory never actually went back to sleep and now is a big tired mess!
    1. what is your settling back to sleep limit? 10 mins? 40 mins?
    im really just here to vent my frustration and know that im not alone and that it will pass.... help? I feel like our whole afternoon was consumed by trying to have them take a nap... We could have been out enjoying the afternoon but they would have been grumpy and unsettled. You have to try, right?
  2. miss_bossy18

    miss_bossy18 Well-Known Member TS Moderator


    My limit depended on a lot of variables - mostly how much patience I had in the given moment. ;) Honestly? If I had to do it over, I would have just gone with the flow a lot more and accepted that "bad" sleep comes and goes and more often than not there isn't anything you can do about it. This too shall pass is my favorite mantra. I try to remember that that means the good things as well. :hug:
  3. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I have to agree with Rachel.  I know day time naps were so frustrating for me up until the kids were 6 months old.  That was until we figured out a 2-3-4 hour schedule (first nap two hours after waking for the day, second nap 3 hours after waking from the first nap and in our case 4 hours after the second nap was bed time)...but even still we had our days where naps were not as long as they should be or messed up. So those would be days that normally were frustrating for me and I had two grumpy children on my hands.
  4. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Sometimes you just have a bad sleep day. 
    What I would say is that if you have a routine and for some reason- WHATEVER- is going on in their minds, it does not work- I try to leave the house. Even popping them in the stroller for a walk in the sunshine will help your mood and maybe stimulate them enough to be tired for the next nap. 
  5. paperclippy

    paperclippy Well-Known Member

    So my girls are 10 months/8 adjusted and just recently we put them on a clock schedule -- naps at 9am and 1pm regardless of whether they woke up early or what.  It's been far more effective for us than basing naps on wake-up times was since it's unpredictable whether they will nap for 40 minutes or 90 minutes and it was too crazy to have the schedule be so variable.  Are your twins on a 3-nap schedule still?  Maybe it's time for a 2-nap schedule and you should push the second one back a little?
    But I agree that some days are just bad days.  We have a lot of 40-minute naps around here.  If I can't soothe back to sleep in 20 minutes I give up.
  6. Lrnomder

    Lrnomder Well-Known Member

    My girls are 11 months as of the 23 rd and we've had a couple bad days so far but I can honestly say its been so much easier then I thought. I took the advice of a coworker who had twins and said she was going nuts until finally she figured out a way to sleep. Her advice was to no matter how exhausting or frustrating it might be, to always keep them on the same schedule with everything. That means feeding, changing, and sleeping. When one wakes up in the middle of the night, wake the otherone up even if they aren't hungry. Same concept with feeding and napping in the day. I have followed her advice from the first night in the hospital unil now and the only bad nights of sleep I have had was due to 1 tummy ache and 3 days of them having a mucusy coughs. Itwas very hard at first but once we established the schedule it's been a breeze. I also just transitioned to pure formula from breastfeeding and it hasn't changed their habits a bit.
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