A week in a cabin with 2 6-month-olds

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by 3greysandamutt, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. 3greysandamutt

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    We will be driving our minivan (with a cartop carrier), and we will have room to set up some equipment at the cabin. I think we will take both jumperoos, or one exersaucer and one jumperoo. Activity mat, a couple of big blankets/quilts for floor play, and an assortment of small toys. I think that we will take one pack-n-play; right now, the plan is for me to sleep in a bed with the boys (we will take a bedrail), so we are not planning to need two baby beds. I know that we will take our inflatable ducky bathtub, since the cabin only has a shower stall.

    Any other big items that would be beneficial away from home? Or any small items that I might not think of? Or any advice for a 7+ hour car trip (we plan to travel in the evening, right after the kids get baths)? We haven't had a real vacation (unless you count weekend trips to my parents' house 3-hrs away) since having children. I'll welcome any advice!
  2. twoin2005

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    We took our first real vacation when the kids were 5 mos. old. It was an 11 hour car ride, and we too stayed in a cabin. We brought an activity mat, one swing and one exersaucer. We also brought two portable highchair/booster seats. The kids each had their own pack and play which was nice (my brother brought them in his truck, which is why we were able to bring so much). Other than that, we had one really big blanket that covered most of the living area floor. They played on that with assorted rattles, stacking rings, etc. For baths, we bathed them in the kitchen sink using our Comfy Bear Bath Sponge from BRU (loved those things) and that was enough for them support-wise. I did bring an inflatable bath tub to place in the shower but it freaked them out. You may want to bring some of those blue scented diaper bags too. It is always a pain to have to take a poopy diaper straight to the dumpsters. Those bags can work their magic until you have at least a few to bring to the dumpster! If the cabin is in the woods and you plan on hiking/taking walks, don't forget your baby carriers (we used the Bjorns on that trip).

    In terms of non-baby gear...Don't forget to pack a new sponge and dishsoap. A lot of cabins have old gross ones, and that gave me the eebie jeebies thinking of washing their baby bottles with that stuff!

    As for the car ride, hopefully they will sleep! We traveled during the day and they slept during their regular nap times and we stopped and "played" during some of their awake time. They did awesome! We were lucky in that we were traveling along a highway with lots of parks to stop at. That made the time go by quickly for them (fresh air, a bottle, then back in the car for a nap).

    Good luck. I wish I remember more details to help, but it was a long time ago!
  3. rematuska

    rematuska Well-Known Member

    No advice, since I think you have everything covered, but wanted to wish you a great time and a safe trip!
  4. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    We went to DH's parent's cabin when the girls were 5 1/2 months old last summer. One thing that was great was netting for the pnp (you can get it at BRU) and a sun shade as well. This way they played in the pnp outside during the day. I think everything else on your list sounds great too. GL and have fun!
  5. ladybutterflyrose

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    We took a vacation when the twins were six months old! It's good to get out and take a break from the regular "at home" routine. Definitely Jumperoo, exersaucer and toys. Ours shared a pack n play. We also took both of our Bumbo chairs with the trays for eating. That took up so much less room than even the space saver high chairs. Not sure if you are feeding solids yet. If you do have Bumbos for play, I'd still recommend taking them. Mine loved those from 3-6 months. Have fun!
  6. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    I looked back at our pics from the trip and we DID bring our Bumbos, not portable high chairs. I was wondering how my kids could sit up in a booster chair, when they still weren't sitting up unassisted yet! So I went to look at the pictures. That explains it!!! They were in Bumbos at the dinner table!
  7. AshleyLD

    AshleyLD Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you got everything covored.. My only advise.. is to make sure you have extra of everything.. like diapers formula.. Ect.

    We drove 5 hours to a camping site like 2 weeks ago and we left at 7am. They cried for 5 hours.. it was horrid.. On the way back we left at 8 Pm.. they slept all the way home and that drive took 3.5 hours (because they were all sleeping and we didnt have to stop that often)

    Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!! :D
  8. BeckiAllen1130

    BeckiAllen1130 Well-Known Member

    I'm SO glad you asked this question!! We're leaving for a week long vacation in 2 weeks & I've already started freaking out about what to bring. I think I have everything you listed, so we should be good :good:
  9. mrsmoon

    mrsmoon Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have a wonderful list already. We are going to the mountains in a couploe of weeks also and I am kinda nervous about the 7 hour ride. I think we are going to leave at 8Pm and me and DH take turns driving. One suggestion is maybe some baby music CD's for them to listen to? My babies hate the car so I keep the Baby Einstein Lullaby classics CD in my car all the time.

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