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    I am doing an In home preschool for the boys this year. I am looking for Craft/Activity books I can check out from the library. I spent some time there today and didnt find anything at all.

    We are going to be starting in a week or so and I would really love to have everything together. I have several websites marked for project but sometimes its just easier to look at the book.

    Also If anything knows of a/several websites that kinda follow a preschool year. Giving me idea for daily/weekly themes and what we should be doing. They are attending preschool next year but I would love to get them doing this year what they are going to be donig next year.

    Any and all help/info would be amazing!
  2. r-twins

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  3. megkc03

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    I was a preschool teacher and what I loved getting in the mail were magazines titled The

    I subscribed to them and LOVED them. I looked forward to their mailings. And then there are things you can do online as well. Give them a look. Not sure on the websites though-I usually googled whatever it was we were going to talk about for the week. I know some libraries have a teacher section and have these in them.

    Good luck and have fun!
  4. littletwinstars

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    We subscribe to Turtle Magazineand High Five Magazine. They are both great magazines designed for preschoolers and they have a lot of activities. Our children love them and get so excited to get their own mail!

    Other ideas would be to go to the dollar store. They have so many educational-type books/magazines/flash cards for children. We also found a dry erase place mat at Michael's that teaches them to trace the alphabet.

    Another website that was recommended by another TS'er is: Starfall
  5. KCMichigan

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    My girls like Highlights, My Big Backyard, and I use websites a lot (interactive) (printables) (pay for better features)

    Books I like: varies a lot. Check your local library---but ask the librarian. Often I get things 'out of the system' (MEL) from other areas around the state. I usually check something out THEN buy it if it worth it. We get some things from the local teacher store, they have a preschool section. Borders also has some good books.

    Mother goose (google it, I dont know the website) has a HS preschool kit that they mail you every month.

    My girls are in Preschool part time...but all summer and now (sort of) we do 'themes' until I run out of ideas and do all letters, shapes, crafts, etc pertaining to a theme. Last month was 'music'. This month is 'Fall'. We've done dinosaurs, plants, sea animals, birds, and transportation. It makes it easy to 'keep' to a topic and be more focused. I get books on each topic, print crafts ,and some 'letter'/ prereading/math skill activities, We did nothing to 2 hrs a day depending on what we had going on, how interested they were, and what I had available. It worked out to about 30 minutes a day more or less. I usually checked dltk-kids then googled 'free printables for _____ (subject)' and shifted through to find some good stuff.

  6. KCMichigan

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    Just found this too---worth a look and free to print.
  7. Babies4Susan

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    My DD's go to preschool, but Target has letter, number, shapes, and color coloring type books in the $1 bin right now.
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