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Discussion in 'General' started by RachelJoy, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. RachelJoy

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    After years of concerns and physical therapy, Elliot has just been fitted for AFOs. We pick them up in 3 weeks. The guy doing the fitting said to just buy shoes a size up and they'll be fine, but doing a little internet research makes it sound not so easy.

    In particular, I can't find anything that looks appropriate as a winter boot. I found which advertises what they call winter boots, but look more like a hiker - not a good snow boot for a 5-year-old.

    We live in New England and play in the snow all winter. Elliot needs a boot that will be warm and dry. I am open to any and all suggestions!

    Also related, there seem to be a number of brands of AFO specific shoes and socks - I'm wondering if they are worth paying a premium for, or just getting any shoe that will fit over the thing, and any sock that comes up to his knee. This is all new to us, so again, advice would be appreciated.


  2. CCJN

    CCJN Well-Known Member

    Hi, My son Nathan has worn an articulating AFO on his left foot since he was 22 months old. We never buy any of the special orthotic shoes they sell, they are usually pretty unattractive and expensive. We have found the "skater" style sneaker usually works best they have a wider fit. Vans work very well and we usually have good luck at Khols finding sneakers that fit and work well. With the Vans sometimes just a half size bigger works just take the insole out of shoe. For boots we have found some that work at Target that unzip and open pretty wide and able to get over his brace, but most winters we have just let him be "brace free" when playing in the snow. On one of my special needs sites I have heard of a boot called Neos over shoe

    I always do invest in the smartknit sock though, works excellent with brace and specially designed to help wick the moisture away from skin. Usually they do give us a pair at our orthotic place when we get a new brace.
  3. SeattleLisa

    SeattleLisa Well-Known Member

    My guy has worn them since 18 months. I've always just bought double extra-wide shoes a size or two bigger. I usually have the best luck with Stride Rite, they have kids shoes in XXW. When I can make it up to the outlet mall I go to the Stride Rite outlet which is a lot cheaper. It's basically impossible to buy online, you really have to try on to figure out if the shoe will open wide enough to get on. But winter boots is definitely a problem, a couple times we got a hiking boot style in a XXW, but I haven't found them lately. So for rain or snow boot usage we just go without the brace and he does ok.
  4. Averitt_65

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    Wow!! The jacket is awesome. I really liked it. For my brother I recently purchased a jacket that is really best and comfy for him. Now for my gym training I am planning to buy Carbon38 tank tops along with few pattern leggings. Will soon order them.
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