Announcing our twins' birth!

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    Now that I have a minute, I wanted to post and announce our twins' birth on July 1st! I was induced on June 30th at 9:30 am at 37 weeks 1 day. The doctor stripped my membranes and then we went to the hospital where they started pitocin at a low dosage and began increasing it every so many minutes by 2 to a max of 20. After 7 hours, I maxxed out at 20 and had dilated from 4 cm to about 5 1/2 cm and I was having contractions fairly far apart still. The doctor came by then and broke baby A's water and turned off the pitocin for half an hour before restarting it again at a low dosage and increasing again to 20. Another four hours or so later I was only 6 cm! Yes, this was the longest labor ever. My contractions had started to come more often and stronger, however, so I had an epidural administered. The doctor allowed an increase in the pitocin up to 30 at this point, and we waited another 5 hours or so. I was very slowly dilating over the entire time and the pain was getting worse; unfortunately, my body got used to the anesthesia from the epidural and they were unable to give me more because I was already at high levels. I was very afraid of going to a c section because I thought with the epidural not working they would have to put me under. Later on, I was begging them to put me under because the pain from the contractions had gotten so bad and I was stuck at 8 1/2 cm dilated.

    Fortunately, the doctor knew about my preference for a vaginal birth so even when she came in around 1 pm on July 1st and I was asking for a c section, she talked me into sticking to the plan for a vaginal birth. She manipulated my cervix and then told me she thought we could go start pushing, and off to the OR we went with my husband. It took almost 2 hours of pushing and a suction cup assisted delivery of my baby A (boy) but I managed somehow! Our baby B was still breech, and the doctor reached in and pulled her out by the feet. It took just a little pushing to get her head out - 7 minutes elapsed between the delivery of baby A and baby B. Our baby B (girl) was in distress at birth but by 5 minutes after birth her agpar score was a 9. I wasn't really able to follow what happened to the babies right after they were born because they were taken so quickly to the side for medical care and clean up, so my husband had to tell me later what had happened. I was shown the babies briefly before they were taken to the nursery.

    Their birth happened with little or no relief from the epidural. I'm unsure if it made a difference - the pain was very strong and I could feel and move my legs going in to push. I just wanted to point this out to encourage anyone who is delivering vaginally and is told they need pain relief because of the possibility of the baby being pulled out - this happened to me, and I'm still here to talk about it! In fact, the pain of the labor has faded greatly over the past week of my twins' life and I would do it over gain in a moment.

    Baby A was 6 pounds 6 ounces and Baby B was 5 pounds 9 ounces. We were nursing within an hour after delivery, and our only issue was jaundice in baby A that had to be treated with phototherapy overnight.

    I'm wishing the best to everyone for a safe and easy to delivery of your twins soon. :)
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    :clapping: Congratulations!!!
  4. numbers6and7

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    Congrats!!! So exciting!
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    Congrats on your twins!
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    Congratulations on your babies! I love to hear stories of docs really respecting wishes like yours did. :)
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    So glad to hear this wonderful news!

    Great job with your birth in the midst of all the pain!

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    Congrats and good job to you Mama <3
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    Congratulations! Enjoy these precious first days!
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    :wub: Congratulations Momma!
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    Congratulations to you!!! Sounds like you were a trooper! WTG!!
    Best wishes to you and your new family! Enjoy! :wub:
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    Congratulations! That is so exciting!!
  13. Nancy C

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    Congratulations! I am glad you had a great OB!!!
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