anybody have the valco tri-mode EX or BOB revolution?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Jovellins, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Jovellins

    Jovellins Active Member

    I've been looking online for an all terrain stroller. my twins are 15 weeks and we have the double snap & go which is very easy for going to stores & doctor's etc but I live on a dirt road in a very rural area and now that the weather is getting warmer & less snowy would like to start taking my boys out for walks. my parents have offered to buy me the big / expensive stroller (i'll eventually get an umbrella stroller to stick in the car once they outgrow the DSNG) so that's not really the issue - the main problem is finding one that they can sit in now - (Chiron has quite good head control but not Jules - he's still a bit floppy!) and will last a long time.
    I've narrowed it down to the valco tri-mode and the BOB revolution.
    If anyone has these strollers can you tell me what you like / dislike about them
  2. busymomof3

    busymomof3 Well-Known Member

    I have the bob revolution doulie and I LOVE it!! I live on a gravel road out in rural too and we take this baby everywhere. The nice thing about it on uneven or bumpy terrain is that it has shocks so its still a nice ride and easy to push. Its not terribly heavy compared to some double strollers and I can fit in in the back of my van no problem. I didn't put my boys in there until they out grew the snap and go so I don't know how it would be for younger infants. I know it does recline but not all the way! I would think that you could put smaller infants in there if you padded up the sides with rolled up receiving blankets to keep them from sliding around but I have honestly never tried. I use this as my everywhere stroller and so it goes in and out of the van all the time with no problem. The only thing I don't really like is the straps are kinda funny. I personally don't like how the straps work. I think they are mounted to low or something and they are just awkward at times. I didn't really notice it until they got bigger but they do hold them in good. The other thing is if you have a heavy diaper bag on the handle bar and you take one kid out becareful because the stroller may tip back. I learned this one the hard way but luckily my kids weren't reclined so the handle bar hit the ground and that was it! Good luck whatever you pick!
  3. carlylafont

    carlylafont Well-Known Member

    I have the BOB Revolution and love it!!!!! I started using it when my girls were about 3.5-4 months. For me it is easier to load them in the BOB, run to the store or where ever and back rather than lugging them in the car. It goes on all terrains, bike type tires so you can use standard bike pump if you need too. Easy to maneover and fits through regular doorways. The only thing (which I think would be for any double stroller) is that if you plan to go to the mall, it doesn't work so well weaving through the clothes:)

    I also just use a single umbrella stroller and a baby carrier for quick trips. This also helps in blending in...
  4. DATJMom

    DATJMom Well-Known Member

    I have the Valco Twin Trimode and I love it. It is heavy to lift in and out of the car, but I can overlook that. I love the swivel wheels in the front, it pushes like a dream with 3 heavy kids in it (my 5 YO can still ride comfortably in it), it has great sun coverage, and I love the cup holder. Holds my coffee perfectly for nice mall shopping ;)
  5. ktfan

    ktfan Well-Known Member

    I adored my Valco! It was a little bit different than the current tri mode but it was fabulous. Like Rachel said, it pushed so easily even with all three little ones in it, the basket crammed full and things stuffed in the canopies! lol I used it on all sorts of ground and it rolled great no matter what. It didn't pull to one side if only one child was in it or if I had one in the regular seat and one in the jump seat. I sold it about two years ago and I STILL miss it sometimes!
  6. nmnguyen7

    nmnguyen7 Well-Known Member


    We have both strollers, so I can kind of let you know what I like and dislike about both...


    Very stable (since it has four wheels). Not prone to tip over when you have a full diaper bag hanging off of the back of it!
    Multiple pockets built in
    Adjustable handlebar
    Easy recline seats
    Comes with a pump that easily stores under seat to inflate tires
    Easily locks closed

    Not as easy to run with outdoors. Smoother tires that aren't as grippy (is that a word? the best way I can describe it) outside.
    No shock system for outdoor all terrain
    Cheapy rain cover (although included) which is a hassle to put on and off.


    One wheel in front makes it a dream to run/jog with
    Knobby tires grip better outdoors
    Foot well at babies' feet can be used as a place to put an extra blanket or toy
    The handlebar pouch (sold separately) is perfect to hold keys/cell phone when running
    The rain shield (also sold sep) is awesome at blocking rain/wind (I took my two running last week in 40deg cloudy weather with the shield on/blankets and they were nice and toasty the whole time- both fell asleep within minutes)!
    Great shock system built in

    Weighted in the back (for easy turning). When you hang a diaper bag back there, the stroller is prone to tipping when one or both babies are removed.
    Handlebar doesn't adjust
    After stroller is collapsed, you have to wrap around the wrist tether to lock it in a closed position. Kind of annoying.
    Not as many options when reclining seats. There are buckles on either side of the seats to do this.

    Those aren't the likes and dislikes that I can think of off the top of my head (while typing with one hand and holding a teething baby)! Personally, I LOVE my BOB for around the neighborhood walks/runs and going to the nature preserves but prefer the Valco for around the town stuff that would involve using the diaper bag or pulling it in and out of the car multiple times.

    With regard to floppy heads- we bought our BOB when the babies were only 4 months, and just used the head inserts that would normally be used in infant car seats to add more support to their heads. Actually, the inserts are still in the stroller because I feel more comfortable with that extra padding and support when I take them for a jog.

    Hope that helps. Good luck! Both are very good strollers!!
  7. Jovellins

    Jovellins Active Member

    we all went down to west hartford yesterday to Toy Chest. this is the nearest store that stocks both the valco and the bob revolution and it took over an hour to get there. anyway we loved the valco and spent a while looking at all the details - how the back reclines, how it folds up etc and decided to buy it from that store even though Albee Baby is having a 15% discount. the man was so helpful, he gave us a 10% discount after we showed him the print out from Albee Baby and also had valco drop ship it free to our house which also saves us the tax. It will arrive on monday and i'm so excited.
    the bob was no comparison for such young babies and didn't look as stable with 3 wheels instead of 4.
    will let you know how we get on once we take it for a test drive.

    by the way - the 2010 model has a better canopy but Albee is selling both the 2010 and the older models for the same price (very cheeky)- you have to go by the new colors!
  8. 2xjoy

    2xjoy Well-Known Member

    We have just bought our Valco Twin Trimode EX and I was very excited to unpack it and assemble! We haven't actually used it yet of course.

    I researched a lot of prams/strollers before deciding on this one as I loved the stability, the sunprotection, the versability of newborns/toddler use, the included extras, the handling etc. I hope that when we do use it, it lives up to its promise, as for us it will be our all rounder for quite a while. I may buy a smaller stroller down the track but hope to use this as much as possible!
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