anyone successful at potty training without the 3 day method

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  1. dezmitch

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    I just started potty training DD this past Sunday. I was originally putting her in pull ups and she would keep those dry except for nap and nighttime. She would go on the potty (yeah) throughout the day (except for when she first wakes up, she doesn't want to be bothered with potty training that early). I put her in big girl undies today and she had 2 accidents -- still not bad. HOWEVER, she did go #2 in her pullup when we were at the gym and I was out of site (so 3 accidents). Nothing I could do about that....

    anyways -- the thought of the three day method just doesn't lay well with me and our lifestyle. We typically go to the gym in the morning and do our errands, take a nap, and then home for the rest of the day/night. I was wondering if anyone else has been successful at potty training this way rather than sitting at home for three days and stressing it?

    In fact - the more I ask her to go the more mad she gets at me and tells me, "No, I will not go on the potty mama." She's pretty stubborn.
  2. AmberG

    AmberG Well-Known Member

    Have you read the e-book for the 3 day method? If you are going to try this method I am pretty sure that you will need to stay home for the 3 days. If you go out it will probably take longer than 3 days. Also, this method does not involve asking your child to go on the potty. You follow your child's signs or wait until they tell you they need to go.
  3. kingeomer

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    I trained my DD using pull ups and did not use the 3 day method (I was desperate with my son and did use 3 day method with him, what I did with DD was not working for him). With DD, I did the same as you, when I first started with her I used pull ups and would remind her about going to the potty (it took her little time before she was telling me that she had to go) and I monitored her progress. When she started staying dry during the day and peeing & pooing in her potty, I switched to underwear except for nap and bedtime. When she started staying dry during nap, I put her in underwear for nap time and put her little potty in her room and the same eventually happened for nap time. My DD was very easily motivated and in retrospect, very easy to train. DS, however, swore me off of PT-ing forever :laughing:
    During this time, she would start to put herself on the potty and tell me when she had to go. When I first started training her though, I kept our trips out short because it's taken her until age 3 to get sort of comfortable with the public potty when we are out.
    Good luck! PT-ing can be done without the 3 day method, I just think it depends on your child and what works for them and if you have to find out what doesn't work before you find out what does.
  4. E's 3

    E's 3 Well-Known Member

    I didn't use any "method" with my DS but he's a singleton and as I've learnt with my girls what works for singletons doesn't usually work with twins ;). I didn't even know there were 'methods' and since I was busy with the girls I hadn't given the 'how' much thought. Here's how it worked with him in case it helps at all...

    He woke up one morning and announced to me that he was a big boy who did not wear a diaper. I was NOT prepared for this even though he was weeks away from turning 3 and I had been trying to 'convince' him of this fact for months. The girls were almost 8 months old and I had a very strict eating/napping/getting out routine and couldn't sit at home. That morning we needed groceries so I put him in his underware, packed up the girls and an extra big diaper bag and went on with my day. He did great. There might have been one accident at some point but it was when we were home so it wasn't too messy.

    The next week DH was off and we had planned several day trips with the kids. DS refused to put a diaper on for any of the car trips so we put a towel under him and carried on. Again, he just rolled with it. I think he peed in a bush on the side of the road at some point and on a tree at the park (the joys of being a boy :)) but really we didn't make a big deal about the transition and carried on with our lives. I could't imagine being stuck at home either so for us this worked out. This isn't to say there weren't bumps in the road...he had some issues with #2 for a little while but it worked itself out.

    At night I put a diaper on him for a week and told him if he was dry every morning until we got to Saturday he could wear underware at night too. He was dry all week so I stopped using a diaper. From Day #1 I let him wear underware for nap too (and at that point he would sleep for 3+ hours in the afternoon) and he never had an accident while sleeping.

    Maybe I was just lucky...I am slightly worried for how it's going to go with 2 :FIFblush:. I think the key for me was the HE was ready, even if I wasn't!
  5. ohtwinmom

    ohtwinmom Well-Known Member

    We used it and liked it. I guess it just depends on how fast you want to get this done...I hate staying home so I can sympathize! When you are potty training your life really does kind of stop for a week or so. Errands may stop for awhile...when we started to venture out I felt like it took so much longer because we were always in the bathroom that it just wasn't worth it. I highly recommend if you are doing them both at the same time that you start on the weekend so you have another set of hands and eyes since you are doing 2. I didn't and wish I had, I think we would have been successful sooner. I would be cleaning up one and the other would be sneaking off to pee in a corner and I missed that opportunity to get him on the potty. All that being said, there is totally something to your children being ready. My one picked up on the 3 day method right in the first few days and hasn't had an accident since. His brother took a whole year to potty train, he just wasn't ready and we had to back off several times when it became stressful for him. Good luck!!!
  6. becasquared

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    We kind of did what NancyFuzzi did for Alice. We put her in pull ups and reminded her to go occasionally. We had several accidents in the pullups but after a week or two, we switched her to underwear. She had two accidents in her underwear the first few months. She's kind of regressed a tad, but I'm sure that's because we're letting her dictate when to go and not the other way around. For Roycie, we had to do the three day method and he's done extremely well (even though he was almost 3 years 6 months and 6 months after Alice trained.)
  7. AmberG

    AmberG Well-Known Member

    Oops, sorry. I misread the subject of your post. I read it as "anyone successful WITH the 3 day method." So if my comments didn't make sense, that's why.
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