anyone's DC have roseola?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by MrsBQ02, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. MrsBQ02

    MrsBQ02 Well-Known Member

    Took B to the ped today- he had high fevers Mon-Wed, then was fever free yesterday when the rash broke out. Ped says it's roseola. I was trying to read some online, and most of what I read says the kids feel pretty well with this. B has been really irritable today though. Also, was wondering how long he'd feel crummy or how long the rash would last. I was just wondering what other mom's experiences with the disease were... so if you don't mind sharing, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    My girls had it when they were 5 months old. The rash took about a week to go away fully. Their fevers were controlled by tylenol, but they were definitely cranky when they were sick. I hope your DS feels better soon.

    Oh and just to warn you, your other DS will probably get it. Our pedi said its as contagious as a common cold and its usually contagious before the first symptoms (fever) appear. My girls got it a week apart. :hug:
  3. bennysusie

    bennysusie Active Member

    My daughter just had it Christmas week. She had a very high fever for three days, and when her fever broke...she got the rash. The rash went away after a few days . She was still very fussy for a few more days, but at least she was sleeping at night. Don't know how, but my other daughter never caught it.

    I am sure he will be back to his old self soon.
  4. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    DD got it around 18 months and had the nasty fever for several days and then the rash - she wasn't cranky just sorta blah and not much appetite...

    oh and DS never got it
  5. Minette

    Minette Well-Known Member

    I think Amy had roseola around 18 months. I don't know for sure because I didn't call the doctor until she got the rash, and then they said it was probably roseola, but as her fever was down by then, there was no point in bringing her in. The rash lasted another couple of days -- not that long. She did seem to feel pretty much fine as soon as the fever broke. She was very, very fussy during the fever stage, though.

    Sarah never got it, thank goodness. I hope B is back to himself soon!
  6. nurseandrea02

    nurseandrea02 Well-Known Member

    My DS Conner just had this Christmas week, too! His fever spiked Christmas Eve (lucky us---out of town & everything). He had the high fever (102-103) for 2 1/2 days when I took him in & he was diagnosed with an ear infection. However, later that day, his fever broke & voila...a day later, the rash. So, poor little guy had roseola AND an ear infection. He was excessively clingy, whiney, & sleepy for a day or so after the rash disappeared (his only lasted a day). When he had the fever, he was up on & off ALLLLL night, but after the fever broke, he FINALLY slept at night again (well, within a day or 2). And to top it off, he cut a molar & an eye tooth all during that time (which is what I had originally blamed the fever on).

    Somehow his twin never got it. Thank God...I don't think I was caught up on sleep enough to do it all over again!
  7. ktfan

    ktfan Well-Known Member

    ALL of my kids had roseola somewhere between 10mos and 18mos. They all had a moderate to high fever for two or so days then a few days later the rash broke out. We only went to the doctor for my oldest. By the time the second one got it, I knew what it was and there's nothing to be done for it. The rash went away after a few days (one may have taken closer to a week) but then it would return when they got hot, like a warm bath or being bundled up to go outside. That come and go rash took several weeks to stop. From the fever to the third or fourth day with the rash they were "under the weather". Sometimes they'd be super cranky, not hungry, etc while other times they'd be okay. It's just one of those things to treat the symptoms and keep them as comfortable as possible until it passes.
  8. Eyler07

    Eyler07 Well-Known Member

    LOL Peyton just had this last week. I guess that they are supposed to feel pretty well once the fever breaks, just all fussy and the rash is gone and he's himself again. I think he did pass it onto his brothers though as it is viral. However, the nurse at the ped. office told me that once tehy get it, they wont get it again! LOL....

    good luck
  9. MrsBQ02

    MrsBQ02 Well-Known Member

    Ok great to know that some of the twins escaped it! I typically just assume the other will get it too, which tends to be the case at our house. I'll cross my fingers!!! :) And thanks moms who said their kids were still "crummy" for awhile. That's reassuring, since that seems to be how he's responding. And ktfan- THANK YOU for the heads up that the rash might come back, I know that would totally throw me for a loop!!!

    Thanks everyone! Man, this first time mom thing really does me in sometimes!!! :blush:
  10. Lynner405

    Lynner405 Well-Known Member

    All three of my kids got in around 6-7 months old. I thought I was lucky with the babies since DS got it first and DD seemed fine, but about 3 weeks later DD got it. They were all really irritable and crabby, but the fever only lasted two days and the rash lasted about two days as well. At least once they get it they can never get it again!
  11. jjokitty

    jjokitty Well-Known Member

    Both my girls had it around 10 months and their reactions were very different. One morning Sophie woke up very early and was crying, which is unusual for her. I went in and felt her feet and they were on fire. Her temp was a little over 101. When we initially called the dr office (of course this happened on a Sunday) they said not to worry unless the temp was over 103, so I think we just gave her some Tylenol or Motrin and kept checking her temp. Got Avery up and she was her normal self until I took off her jammies and discovered her entire body except her head was covered in a rash. Didn't seem to bother her one bit, she was totally normal. I don't know if she had a fever prior to the rash or not, b/c she never showed any signs of feeling poorly. The rash was mostly gone the next day and completely gone two days later. Sophie did not eat much, did not sleep well, and was very cranky for 2 days. On day 3 she finally broke with the rash too. By then she was feeling better. Her rash lasted a couple of days as well.
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