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  1. ECUBitzy

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    We have a very large fenced in backyard that the girls love to play in. It's a two tiered yard with a retaining wall, though, so we've always been outside when the girls were to keep an eye on them (don't want them to fall the two feet and get hurt!). We also don't have a view of the yard from anywhere but the kitchen window since our living rooms are both on the front half of the house.

    So, at what age would you be comfortable letting the kids just go in and out and play out there unsupervised? The gates to the fence are all bungee corded closed (and I know they're secure since Paul pulls them so tight that *I* have a hard time removing them!

    It's supposed to be beautiful today and I thought some fresh air might help the girls feel a little better but I have cleaning to do in preparation for Christmas and company and can't sit out there all day. I feel a little unsure about letting the girls go out without me but I'm not sure if I should relax.
  2. gina_leigh

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    I'd let them go! I'm also pretty liberal when it comes to outside play. Especially in a secure area that's fenced in and they can't get out. Now I'd probably go check on them pretty often. 
    But like I said, I'm pretty open when it comes to outside time. My kids love to be outside and will gladly stay outside all day if allowed, so to get anything done I've had to just let them go. I probably started letting them in the front yard (of our then very small neighborhood on a cul de sac) around 4.5. They had to stay in our yard though and I could see them. In our old house we couldn't see in the backyard easily either because our living room was up front. But they were in our fenced in backyard alone much younger. 
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    I would totally let them go! One of the great things about there being two of them is that IF (a big if) one is hurt the other can come get you. Decide if there are any guidelines you'd like them to follow (ie Don't leave the yard for ANY reason, ring the doorbell when you're ready to come in, etc) and lay them down from the start. I sometimes let Emmett play outside in our "backyard" with just the girls. I peek out every 5 min or less and they're always fine - they love the outdoor time and I love not having to sit out there all morning. :)
  4. daisies

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    Yep, I'd let them go.
    I am pretty relaxed though.  My LOs are not yet two and but as soon as we get a fence up they will be outside.  (A fence is on my Christmas wish.. hope i have been good enough :D )  
    I will probably start with only i nice days.  I will leave the door open and keep an ear out.  Also, we live in the country, so we don't have neighbors.  that might make me think differently.
    As for the retaining wall, I bet they will do just fine.  And worst case scenario they do something stupid.. 2 feet won't kill them and they won't do it again.  Do they do dangerous stuff with it now when you are outside?  Responsibility makes kids more responsible.  
    i think i should have been a parent last generation.. my relaxed attitude might have fit in better.
  5. mama_dragon

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    I would let them go play.  I work in the kitchen with the back door open so I can listen and watch.  They have played outside on their own in the backyard since they were 2. 
    As for the retaining wall.  2 feet is not a big deal as long as there is grass/dirt under and not cement.  I wouldn't worry about it. They will learn their limits. But then I had a 3.5 year old who scaled the swing set pole at a playground (big kid swing set) swung from the top and dropped to the ground and ran off to play on something else.  I even have pictures of him doing it.  Yep I stood there and took pictures.   

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