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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by baby_boo, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. baby_boo

    baby_boo Member

    I love the look of Baby Jogger's new stroller - the City Select, but I'm curious about it's setup for two carseats. From what I can figure you'd only be able to see the baby closest to you and have to lean over to see the other baby.

    I've heard some rave reviews of the stroller - but it does come with a hefty pricetag. So before I plunge in and sell several strollers we have (some of my singelton ones) in order to afford this one. I'd love to hear if any first year mommies have had an experience with it yet.
  2. Kaffeetee

    Kaffeetee Well-Known Member

    We saw this stroller at a local store. We played with it, folding and unfolding, seats in and seats out. We are absolutely impressed by the stroller. There is a back order, so we are still waiting for ours. At this point can't tell you how it works in the real life. Our local store sells the stroller itself about $100 less than what I've seen online ($398 instead of $499).
  3. jpgeyer

    jpgeyer Well-Known Member

    I really like it but they highly recommended coming in with the babies and trying it out b/c it is rather heavy to push. I do love the flexibility of it and really want it but am nervous about the weight. I think they said you can't really put two carseats b/c you wouldn't be able to see one. Not sure on that. Can't wait to hear more feedback about this stroller though!
  4. shipoopi

    shipoopi New Member

    i ordered this stroller but don't have it yet. there is no issue with putting 2 car seats on it, one will be closer to you though and higher up. the issue is more putting 2 bassinets on it, because the front bassinet goes "head" first and is closer to the ground.

    from what i have read/seen online the advice is that the heavier child should be the one closest to the handle, but that really isn't applicable with twins.
  5. Kaffeetee

    Kaffeetee Well-Known Member

    Wow. How long is the back order? I've been waiting for 9 weeks now!! I called them several times was told that my stroller has arrived but still waiting for the 2nd seat. Hope that it is really that good of a stroller for such a wait.
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