Best twin stroller for tall parents with long stride?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Lisala, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Lisala

    Lisala Well-Known Member

    My DH and I are wanting to get a side-by-side stroller and a friend lent us her MacLaren Twin Techno and she raved and raved over it and promised us we would love it. Well we don't, and mainly because both DH and I are tall and have long strides, so we tend to constantly kick the middle set of rear wheels!

    I am so glad she lent us this stroller, because now we know that this could be an issue with other side-by-sides.

    It seems the only side-by-side that doesn't have the middle set of rear wheels is the Peg Perego Aria twin stroller... but I have read mixed reviews of that stroller for other reasons.

    Any tall parents have a side-by-side they love?
  2. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    I am tall too! 5'10", to be exact! I also have that problem with kicking the wheels and the handles being too short to hold onto. As far as the stroller, I have a Jeep SBS, which is a wheel kicker, and hard to push. I also have an Instep Safari, Double jogger, LOVE that stroller! So easy to push, the handle is the perfect height, and no middle wheels. The only problem is that it doesn't fit through some doorways. Other than that, I LOVE IT! Also, they do make handle extenders, I have seen them before! Good luck! [​IMG]
  3. Sofiesmom

    Sofiesmom Well-Known Member

    I have a Mountain Buggy Urban Double (not cheap), but you can adjust the bar depending on your height and there is definitely no problem with kicking the wheels.
  4. Jello717

    Jello717 Well-Known Member

    My husband is 6'5" and he loves our Aria. It's much more comfortable for him to push than the snap and go was and he isn't hunched over pushing it. I'm only 5'6" and I love it too. We both love how easy it is to handle and how lightweight it is. My only complaint is that the sunshades don't offer much protection, but that's it. Everything else I love.
  5. Ehansy

    Ehansy Well-Known Member

    We have the Graco Duoglider. It's not a side by side but I love it.
  6. bradynathansmom

    bradynathansmom Active Member

    I am tall too....5'10" and I have 2 strollers....
    Peg Perego Aria which is the side by side...which I used a ton and loved....the only thing I didn't like was that the basket started to drag on the ground from too much use and it ended up getting a hole in it....
    I also have the Graco Duoglider which is a tandem

    they are both great for someone tall...and i never had any problems with kicking the wheels!
  7. GrayHeathmommy

    GrayHeathmommy Well-Known Member

    I am also tall(6'0") and I have the Mountain buggy urban double stroller as well and I love it. You can adjust the handle and there are no wheels in the middle to step on. I have another cheaper one that is a pain due to my long stride.

    It is not cheap but so far it has been worth every penny!!
    Jen FB
  8. knuttle

    knuttle Member

    I'm not tall, but my DH is 6' 2". I'm only 5'4". We wanted an 'all purpose' stroller - one that could be used for the mall, neighborhood walks, jogging etc.

    I did tons of research online and asked lots of MOT's I know. They all loved the Combi Savvy and Peg Perego Twin Aria (depending on who you talked to) and the Graco Duoglider.

    I had a Duoglider that I bought in excellent used condition from a neighbor. Absolutely HATED it. It was too long, hard to manuver, the plastic wheels stink and they feel every bump, and DH didn't care for it either due to his height.

    We purchased the Mountain Buggy Urban Double. We LOVE this stroller. No middle wheels to kick like you are describing, and this thing pushes super easy, and it literally glides - handles bumps and everything with no problems. The handlebar adjusts for height so DH really likes that. It is expensive - it's a major investment, but it holds a max weight of 135 lbs (about 67 each side) vs. 40-45 each side for most other strollers. The 5 pt harness is awesome. The sun shade is great. The downside is that it is a heavy stroller, and it doesn't fold up as easily and skinny as the PP Twin Aria and Combi strollers. The basket underneath is roomy, has water bottle holders and a parent pouch to hold your wallet, keys etc., but when the baby's are laying down reclined, it's tough to manuever much of anything into the actual basket. We bought the additional sun shade, and the storm cover. The storm cover isn't worth your money IMO, I'm sending ours back because it started to tear on the seams after 1 use. I've found another cover for winter that I like much much better. It's called Warm as a Lamb - she makes them for double strollers (side by side and tandems) even though they aren't on her site. She has them on sale for $79 right now (from a reg. $129).
    (if you order, tell her Kim from goAUPAIR referred you)

    Anyway, MB is the way to go IMO. I have a PP Twin Aria for quick shopping trips just because it's lighter weight and I got it in excellent used condition from another twin mom in my MOTC group for a steal. It's okay IMO. Easy to fold, lift, fit in my van, doesn't recline that great, the 5 pt harness is okay and the sun shade is worthless.


    Stroller Coats -
  9. Lisala

    Lisala Well-Known Member

    I really appreciate your insight into the strollers. I know the Mountain Buggy is awesome, just that the investment is too great for us right now. Maybe some relatives will pitch in and buy it for us for Mother's Day (I'll throw the hint out, lol). Otherwise, we are going to go with the PP Aria.

    Thanks, again! [​IMG]
  10. ksls

    ksls Well-Known Member

    I'm 6'1" and got a Baby Jogger City Series double a couple months ago and I love it! The handlebar adjusts and on the highest setting it's actually a little too tall for me! The fold is 1 step: pull up on 2 straps and plonk! It's folded. It's a little cheaper that the Mountain Buggy and sometimes you can find both on Right now some retailers are clearancing out the 2006 models of the BJ so you might be able to find a good deal somewhere.

    We had a Mac Twin Traveller, actually 2 of them and I agree, the handles are just too short for us tall folks.

    Good luck!
  11. aussiemom

    aussiemom Administrator Staff Member TS Moderator

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