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  1. rtj

    rtj Well-Known Member

    Twin girls delivered at 37 weeks, 0 days. C-section. Both girls breech.

    Twin A: 7 lbs 8 oz

    Twin B: 6 lbs 11 oz

    Twin A spent 24 hours in NICU for breathing issues.

    We all went home together.
  2. skusisto

    skusisto New Member

    Delivered at 32wks gestation - c-section
    Baby A: 3 lb 5 oz, 16 in
    Baby B: 4 lb 11 oz, 17 in
    Days in the NICU: 23 days
  3. nmelliott2

    nmelliott2 Member

    Delivered at 38 Weeks
    Baby A Weight: 7lbs13oz 20 Inches
    Baby B Weight: 5lbs 6oz 19 Inches
    Days in NICU- None
    Born Tuesday, Went home Friday
  4. Fletchie

    Fletchie Well-Known Member

    Delivered 34 weeks 5 days
    Baby A - weight 5 lb 8 oz, 7 days in NICU
    Baby B - weight 2 lb 10 oz, 30 days in NICU
  5. jeffsgal

    jeffsgal Member

    34 wk 3 day
    Twin A 5 lb 0 oz Jim
    Twin B 4 lb 12 oz Jack
    No nicu time, never left my side

  6. ~Christine~

    ~Christine~ Well-Known Member

    32weeks 4days; c-section after laboring, baby a's head wouldn't come down :(
    Baby A 4lbs 4oz
    Baby B 4lbs 14.5oz
    Days in the NICU 21days for both
  7. rachel7628

    rachel7628 New Member

    Week delivered 37W6D (scheduled c-section - timing was due to me not wanting to be in hospital for Christmas. No medical reason.)
    Baby A's weight 5lbs 14oz
    Baby B's weight 6lbs 2oz
    Days in the NICU None
  8. jessietrio

    jessietrio Well-Known Member

    di-di fraternal girls
    Spontaneous vaginal delivery: 36w1d
    Baby A: 4lbs.9ozs.
    Baby B: 4lbs.14ozs. (footling breech!)
    NICU: A - 10 days sepsis, B - 4 days blood counts
  9. ncrawford

    ncrawford Active Member

    Week Delivered:34

    Baby A-4lbs 0oz

    Baby B-3lbs 15oz

    NICU stay- A-12days, B-14days

    Water broke and had C-section due to a heart condition I have
  10. drainl

    drainl New Member

    girl mono/di twins
    [email protected]
    Baby A - 4lb 15oz
    Baby B - 5lb 9oz

    No NICU time :)

    My water broke and babies were born vaginally - Baby B delivered breech
  11. casey38boost

    casey38boost Member

    Mono / Di Girls

    36 weeks 6 days

    Baby A - 5 lb 12 oz
    Baby B - 5 lb 1 oz

    No NICU stay

    Water broke, Vaginal delivery both babies head down!
  12. deebee

    deebee Member

    Delivered: 35 weeks 5 days
    Baby A's weight: 4lbs 8oz
    Baby B's weight: 4lbs 13oz
    Days in the NICU: None!
  13. liddlebuddy

    liddlebuddy New Member

    Week delivered: 39
    Baby A's weight: 7 lb, 5 oz
    Baby B's weight: 7 lb, 2 oz
    Days in the NICU: 0
  14. keirin

    keirin Well-Known Member

    Weeks Delivered: 37 weeks 2 days
    Baby A's weight: 6 pounds 6 ounces (boy)
    Baby B's weight: 5 pounds 9 ounces (girl)
    Days in the NICU: 0, baby boy did spend about 12 hours there under a light for jaundice
  15. Mommabirdof4

    Mommabirdof4 Member

    Delivered: 37 weeks 2 Days
    Baby A: 5lbs 5oz.
    Baby B: 6lbs 1oz

    No NICU...Quick vagional birth...we all went home 24 hours after delivery.
  16. monie rose

    monie rose Well-Known Member

    Week delivered: 36 weeks 3 days
    Baby A's weight: 6 pounds 14 ounces
    Baby B's weight: 6 pounds 10 ounces
    Days in the NICU: 0
  17. Hillybean

    Hillybean Well-Known Member

    35 weeks 5 days
    A - 4.5
    B - 4.11
    Days in NICU - 0
  18. ward

    ward Well-Known Member

    Week delivered: 35 Weeks 3 Days water broke and we did a c section both babies were breech
    Baby A's weight: 6lbs 15oz, she was actually baby B while inside but they took her first because of where she was at when they made the incesion
    Baby B's weight: 5lbs 5oz
    Days in the NICU: spent no time in nicu and went home with me three days later.
  19. MsTasha

    MsTasha Well-Known Member

    Week delivered - 35+6
    Baby A's weight - 6 lbs 1 oz
    Baby B's weight - 5 lbs 12 oz
    Days in the NICU - less than one, just overnight for monitoring due to hospital regulation since I was less than 36 weeks (by 6 hours LOL)
  20. alself

    alself New Member

    Week delivered: 32 weeks & 3 days on 7 March 2011
    Baby A's weight: 3 lbs 15 ozs
    Baby B's weight: 1 lbs 13 ozs
    Days in the NICU[/b] A: 6 weeks; B: 9 weeks

    Thanks for your help!
  21. 38 +3 weeks
    A- 7lb 2oz
    B- 7lb 12oz
    no time in NICU
  22. PinkDiamonds

    PinkDiamonds Well-Known Member

    Delivered at 37 weeks + 1 day to fraternal boy-girl twins.

    Baby A - 2.6kg
    Baby B - 2.3kg
    didn't spend anytime in the NICU
  23. TwinsItIs

    TwinsItIs Well-Known Member

    Not sure if this is still needed, as I'm not going to read the entire thread, but here goes.

    35.4 weeks

    A - 5.11
    B - 6.4

    B spent two days in NICU due to low glucose.
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  24. CarleyWC

    CarleyWC Well-Known Member

  25. vyckie72

    vyckie72 Well-Known Member

    Week delivered 36.5 weeks
    Baby A's weight 6lbs 5oz
    Baby B's weight 5lbs 9oz
    Days in the NICU 0
  26. gizmodad

    gizmodad Member

    Delivered at 36 weeks.
    Baby girl A 5.8lbs
    Baby girl B 6.2lbs
    No time in Nicu
  27. FirstTimeMomma

    FirstTimeMomma Well-Known Member

    Delivered at 32.5 weeks
    Baby A- 3.9lbs
    Baby B- 4.12lbs

    2 weeks in NICU
  28. DeeJay

    DeeJay Member

    just glanced through the responses, and I'm an early one compared to a lot of you!

    Week delivered: 30w exactly
    Baby A's weight 3lbs, 12oz
    Baby B's weight 3lbs exactly
    Days in the NICU: 53 very long days!
  29. GrayHeathmommy

    GrayHeathmommy Well-Known Member

    Week delivered: 39 weeks (scheduled c-section)
    Baby A's weight 7lbs, 12oz
    Baby B's weight 7lbs 12.5oz
    Days in the NICU: none
  30. amyqueen

    amyqueen New Member

    Baby A 6lbs 3 oz
    Baby B 5lbs 4oz
    No NICU time!
  31. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    Looks like poor jesslyn still holds the record for smallest 34weeker.
  32. michwalker75

    michwalker75 Member

    37w 5d (c-section)

    Baby A - 6lbs 9oz
    Baby B - 4lbs 14oz (IUGR)
    NICU - 10 days for Baby B with low blood sugar issues
  33. tbeards

    tbeards Well-Known Member

    Fraternal girls: 33 weeks 3 days

    Baby A (Kendall) - 3 pounds 15 ounces
    Baby B (Jamie) - 4 pounds 10 ounces
    Days in the NICU - 28

    Pregnancy issues - Placenta Previa, bleeding and contractions wouldn't stop. Hemorraged at 29 weeks and bed rest for 4 weeks.
  34. tbeards

    tbeards Well-Known Member

    Wow, big babies for twins!!! Congrats!
  35. Feydruss

    Feydruss Active Member

    Born 32w +4
    Both babies 3lbs 5oz
    Baby A NICU stay 29 days
    Baby B NICU stay 31 days

    Admitted with PE/HELLP at 30w, hung on for more than another two weeks!

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