BOB revolution Duallie?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by ppink19, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. ppink19

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    Hi Mommies! I am 29 weeks pregnant with Identical Twins! Yay!! Just wondering if any of you ladies have any feedback for me on the BOB Revolution Duallie stroller?? After much research I think this is the one Hubby & I have finally decided on...Any comments??
  2. fuchsiagroan

    fuchsiagroan Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your ID twins!

    I have and LOVE the Bob Revolution Duallie. It looks huge, but is SO easy to maneuver - turns on a dime!, and folds down to fit in the trunk of my Prius. It is terrific for jogging too. I run with the babies all the time, and it is SO nice to be able to get exercise with the babies.
  3. pinguinlvr

    pinguinlvr Well-Known Member

  4. momlissa

    momlissa Well-Known Member

    We just got ours and love it. I would ditto PP in that it looks huge, but folds down easily and stores great. It turns on a dime, is just a dream! Love it!
  5. melissak

    melissak Well-Known Member

    We have the BOB and haven't used it yet since they are still so small but we loved it when we tested it in the store...really does turn on a dime! I can't wait to use it!
  6. SilvrHeart

    SilvrHeart Well-Known Member

    congrats on your pregnancy!

    I have this stroller and love it for when we are outside - the park, the zoo, walks thru the neighborhood. VERY easy to push, maneuver. Nice size basket underneath. We got the optional console (w/drink holders) that is well worth every penny.

  7. Erica92

    Erica92 Well-Known Member

    how old were your twins when you first started using this stroller? We tried when they were around 2 months and were too little for the harness and I just didn't feel safe using it.

    We use the double snap and go for all errands etc... b/c its so easy to just snap the car seats in but once the weather starts turning warmer I'd like to start jogging/walking with them in the Bob that we have.....

    My twins are almost 5 months but I haven't tried it in a while when did you all start using yours (right now it lives in our basement)

    AND to answer the posters question, we have the Bob and I like it so far but as you can see from my post I haven't used it much...

    ps sorry to hijak your post with my own question ;)
  8. shannonfilteau

    shannonfilteau Well-Known Member

    We have the Bob Rev. Duallie and LOVE it!! We had the double snap and go for the infant care seats and for quick trips out until they had better head control around 6 weeks maybe....? They only complaint I have is that the shoulder straps/buckle thing would hit their head/necks b/c they were rather small but we just layed a burp cloth or rec. blanket over the buckles until they were bigger. It is not an issue anymore. Did I say that I LOVE it already?

    It turns on a dime and is so easy and quick to fold/unfold, probably takes as much time as the snap-n-go did, you do have to be careful if your bag is on the back and is heavy, as tipping can occur if one baby is in the stroller (I just make it a habit to take the bag off first and attach it last after I've put both babies in their seats (I just saw that the 'Bob' stroller bag is on sale at b-r-us for 16$ rather than 60$; it straps quite nicely to the stroller-we have that bag and the 'Double Skip Hop' which hold more and also attaches well to the double stroller).

    The weather shade is great too! We also got the cup console which is helpful for water, cell phone, keys...I am not a jogger either but love the look and the ease of the stroller evn fits through regular doorways.

    We were given the wrong info when we ordered the stroller and extras, b/c we ordered the car seat attachment thing and were told that it would accommodate 2 car seats and they were wrong, it is only good for 1 car seat and a toddler so don't waste your time or money on that.

    It is SOOO worth the money! We checked out the Phil and Teds too but the weight limit was less, the seating is front to back which I don't like and someone said it tipped if one child was in the back...Who wants that if the one in the front wants out? I think it was a bit larger too or heavier or something else that deferred me from getting it and went with the Bob.

    I say I should be a sale person for their company b/c any time any one asks about it I will go on and on as to why they should buy it. Sorry if I'm babbling... Aside from the video monitor this is the best purchase we made for the twins so far!
  9. annlubbers

    annlubbers Well-Known Member


    We splurged on this stroller about a month ago and wish we had it from day one (prior to we had the snap and go). We love it and now use it as our daily stroller and our outdoor stroller. We paid the additional cost and got the car seat adapter so our graco infant seats fit inside it so we can use it now - its one of the few SBS AND jogging stroller that will take car seats. We also got the cup holder adapter to put bottles and keys in it.

    Both of our carseat fit with the adapter, and we love it. We were also told by a couple of people that the adapter wouldn't fit 2 carseats but it did for us. We called the manufactor and got an extra strap and put both car seats in.

    We got it from (it was cheaper)

    and these are the add on's we got:
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