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Discussion in 'General' started by slugrad1998, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. slugrad1998

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    Hello everyone.  I haven't posted in a very long time but I am thinking about switching to boosters and wanted some suggestions.  I've always done extended rear facing, extended harness, etc.  In hubby's car we have the Graco Nautilus and I am happy to keep those for the duration as they can be converted when we no longer want the harness.  In my car we had the Graco MyRide 65's and although my kids are still more than fine on the weight requirement, I feel like the seats sit up too high and aren't practical for getting my 5 yr olds into them any more.  I was thinking about trading them out for high back boosters and didn't know if there were any that seemed better than others.  Since they will be 6 this summer and are already 46 in and 48 in tall, I don't really see the point in buying something like the Nautilus, but I definitely want the safest option out there.  Thanks!
  2. MNTwinSquared

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    I am one to err on the side of the safest.  It's not just physical safety, it's their maturity.  My twins (9) are in 1 high back booster & one booster.  I just changed them from the 5 point system (Nautilus) about a year ago.  My 6 year old (almost 7) is in a Nautilus.  I don't trust him with just a seatbelt.  Which car do they ride the most in? My husband's car has 1 booster.  He rarely has any kids in there, let alone more than one and all work with the low back booster. 
  3. Leighann

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  4. slugrad1998

    slugrad1998 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! They are mostly in my husbands car which is why we switched to the Nautilus about a year ago. He drives them to and from school most days and any time we travel we take his car. I really only drive them once a week at most. Mine is an older model mini van and in the seats they are in now they are constantly kicking the drivers seat and their heads are almost hitting the ceiling (these are the same seats they have been in since infancy). Because they are not in my car regularly I didnt want to have to spend hundreds on 3 more nautiluses (I have a 3 yr old too) so I was thinking nautilus for the little one and 2 high back boosters for the twins.
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    I would make sure that which ever high back booster you get works for you kids.  We had to switch one of my girls to a low back booster sooner than the other due to the fact she is all torso, so the high back wasn't sitting correctly on her.  It also did depend on which car they were in and how the seat belt fit them.  
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