Breast feeding, feeling empty

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Doubletrouble39, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Doubletrouble39

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    Right so ive been ebf the twins who are now 8 weeks but my suply just doesnt feel like enough for them. Im getting lots of wet nappied but my sons weight gain has now just slowed right down. I seem to have a good side and a side that always feels empty as such. They feed all the time and i have tried pumping but they are on so much that its hard to find time and then once ive pumpes i end up with two aggy babies because what ive pumped isnt enough but theres nothing left in me. We have gone through what feels like so many growth spurts but it really feels like their not getting enough what else can i do? Is it just another wave we need to ride out or should i be supplimenting-i reallyyy dont want to do this :( going by nappies they must be getting enough but then why are they never settled? :(
  2. lharrison1

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    I agree that if they are having plenty of wet diapers then they are probably getting plenty-I'd wait it out...perhaps another growth spurt?...your body will adjust to make enough, it's just hard to wait for that to happen.
  3. lharrison1

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    Have you tried the natural ways to increase your supply? I think one was beer, maybe oatmeal?? Those helped me a little but I was also put on a prescription (cant remember what it was called) which did increase my supply but also gave me anxiety (panic attacks) and I had to wean off of I don't recommend but I know everyone is different.
  4. MNTwinSquared

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    Fenugreek is one way to increase your milk production. I've heard it smells like maple (?) when you've been taking it for awhile. Other than that, it sounds like you are doing an awesome job! Your babies are telling your body it needs to make more and IT WILL!!! I breastfed my twins (at all hours of the day) for 26 months!!! You're doing great! I'm guessing it is a growth spurt and your body will catch/keep up! Congratulations on your twins!
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