Canada bans BPA plastic from baby bottles

Discussion in 'General' started by becky5, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. becky5

    becky5 Guest

    Canada yesterday became the first country to ban a widely found chemical from use in baby bottles, spurring a leading Democrat in the U.S. Senate to call for legislation that would prohibit use of bisphenol A, or BPA, in a number of everyday consumer products.

    Entire story.
  2. tinalb

    tinalb Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Yep, I went to buy the twins new sippy cups today & the store had already pulled all bottles & cups containing BPA off the shelves. Even though they have technically been given 60 days, most stores are pulling them now.
  3. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    I'm all for that. There's no reason to expose our kids and ourselves to those things even if there isn't extremely overwhelming evidence that it's dangerous. There are alternatives and hopefully they use something that is proven safe rather than finding another cheap chemical that's even more dangerous.
  4. naomi02

    naomi02 Well-Known Member

    I was already going through my sippies when I read that. I got rid of all the ones that I either knew had bpa or wasn't sure......dh said I was being "drastic" and sil said why bother since they've already drank out of them. :huh:
  5. momoftheforest

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