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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by mandaq11, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Hi Moms! My twins will be a year on St. Pattys Day and I am in the process of looking into getting them their big boy car seats. My question is have any of you fit 3 across, like an infant carrier and then 2 larger car seats? I am not expecting at the moment but we hope to add to our family before the boys are out of their car seats and I was trying to be practical with my purchases. I do not have a mini van and I am hoping to avoid purchasing one. If anyone has any advice on this or on what car seats have worked best for you I would really appreciate it. Thanks Ladies!
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  3. mandaq11

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    Thank you so much I will look into it for sure!
  4. maybell

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    LOVE my Sunshine Radians! the company is now Diono. I got a set of these before we were expecting and am SO glad we did! I'm able to fit a Combi Shuttle 33 carseat/base in between the two Radians! Not many car carriers will fit between the two carseats, but this combination seems to work.

    I would HIGHLY recommend to rear face your twins for a long time, most recommend at least until 2 yrs old.

    The other "bonus" to the Radians is that they sit lower as the "chair" part isn't up on an internal base, so rear-facing doesn't infringe on your view out the back like it does with other carseats that are rear facing. I didn't realize this when I bought them.
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    That sounds perfect for us. Thanks for your advice!
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