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    LOL It's really not bad, it's like a little dime-sized smear that you can't even smell. Just as soon as you wipe him and change the diaper, that smear will be back.
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    On Friday night, my girls slept over at Grandma's and I was secretly happy to hear that they had stayed up late, gotten up early, and hadn't napped, because it meant they went to bed super early and without a fight for me on Saturday night. That's the first time that happened since we took their pacis! I was also secretly happy that someone else finally understood my sleep deprevation! Don't know if they'll be able to sleep at Grandma's again anytime soon, though!
  4. mtnmama

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    HA - I've broken pretty much all the parenting rules...

    -I turned their carseats forward facing when they were 16 months old because I couldn't figure out how to fit two rear facing convertible carseats in my Subaru without being seriously uncomfortable (and dangerously close to the airbag).
    -They watched Baby Einstein videos before they turned two.
    -I had to bottle fed them because bfing didn't work for us
    -I don't always make them wash their hands after they use the bathroom
    -I let them pee behind trees at the park sometimes because taking them both all the way to the bathroom seems like way too much trouble.
    -I don't make them wear helmets on their Strider bikes because then it's just one more thing to carry when they decide they are done riding their bikes and we are a long ways from the car.
    -I don't buy organic produce or organic milk.
    -One of my kids has not eaten a vegetable other than french fries since she was 18 months old!
    -I miss them when they are at preschool but then I am so ready for them to go back when Monday rolls (around after five straight days with them).
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  5. amelowe9

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  6. ddancerd1

    ddancerd1 Well-Known Member

    - when i'm bored with the park, i tell them it's time to leave cuz it's other kids' turns to play there now
    - the park has hours of operation.
    - i don't sugar coat potential accidents... "do NOT run with that pencil. you could fall and poke out your eyeball, and then you'll have a big, scary hole in your head." "stop running into the kitchen. you could fall on your face and break your teeth, then you won't have any teeth left."
    - sex? ew. please don't touch me after i've spent the day with 2 cling-ons
    - my girls are still in pullups at night cuz i don't want to wake up with them to have to take them to the bathroom super early in the morning.
    - when they lie, i say, "wait. um... i think your nose is growing... omg it is!" and they cover their nose and yell out the truth.
    - sometimes they ask to watch blue's clues or handy manny or whatever, and i say, "(enter tv character here) isn't on tv, he's sleeping now. " (this one doesnt' work anymore).
    -sometimes (like now) i feel like i'm living in the movie Groundhog's Day, and i just. need. a. break. from these girls and my life.
    - when i go somewhere and dh watches the girls, i insist he play with them and not let them watch tv cuz i don't like them watching tv, but when i'm home with them all day, they watch tv. not all day, but still.
  7. rebekahj

    rebekahj Well-Known Member

    I've since learned that this is actually 'fecal soiling', as in leakage from his constant terrible constipation. I thought he was swinging from diarrhea to constipation and back but now I know he's just always constipated. Poor guy.

    Let's see, any new confessions ...

    I think parents who do 'parent-participation preschool' are totally missing the point of preschool - a few hours of freedom for mom! :D

    I let my kids ride their bikes in the house.

    I secretly feel superior to parents who buy their kids tons of 'Media Tie-in' clothes and stuff, especially Cars 2 right now. No matter that their kids probably really enjoy the stuff.

    I get rid of clothes that are almost too small but they could wear, because I want to buy new clothes.

    I break my '1 hour of video a day' rule a lot more than I admit to my husband.

    I know my boys are adorable right now and I worry that they're going to grow ugly.
  8. kingeomer

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    I'm the opposite. I just realized this yesterday as I was dressing DS and was going through his drawer of 2T pants. I could not bring myself to pack them up and donate them yet. I know I will. He has not grown out of them in the waist but definitely has with height.

    My DD took an hour nap today and I was not disappointed. It was fun to have one on one mother/daughter time and we made a batch of cookies together.

    I wish my kids were not as shy as me. But they are. I feel like I failed them in some way.
  9. MichB

    MichB Well-Known Member

    Love these!

    Hmmm...let's see:
    *I let my kids watch tv during meals. I always say we should turn it off at dinner but it keeps them happy, eating and quiet and by that time of day that's all i care about
    *I have never made my kids clean up after themselves (they are 2.5 now) because I always thought they were too when I see my friends kids cleaning up after they play I feel embarrassed like I am not bringing them up well
    *I'm not really that concerned with a little dirt or a spill so my kids are often out and about with lunch on their shirt. I never bother with bibs anymore even though they haven't gotten any better at keeping food off themselves
    *I have a really terrible fear that I am going to mess the kids up somehow - and have them grow up to be brats, or too shy or unhappy or something
    *I have become a master of the white lie (nope, you can't have your soother - they don't let kids have them here, I'm sorry sweetie you can't have another cookie - your dad ate them all (LOL)
    *I thought I would be the disciplinarian but it turns out that I have a really, really hard time saying no. Because of this I'm afraid I'm going to raise brats (see point above!)
  10. Cakeandkalelife

    Cakeandkalelife New Member

    I also think my kids are the cutest and find other kids to have realky big heads in comparison to thier bodies.
    I lock myself in my bedroom at least once a day and ignore when the kids are outside calling for me.
    I tell my kids we don't have anymore left of certain junk foods when we really do to try to get them to eat something healthier then give in five minutes later and give them the junk anyway.
    I get lazy and feed alot hamburgers and hotdogs.
    I have allowed cake to be a breakfast option
    I pretend I don't notice alot of mischief and wait hoping dad will come deal with it
    I hardly ever pack a lunch when we go to the playground cause I just don't feel like dealing with feeding them there. I let them eat snacks in the car on the wayover instead
    I let them wach watch their own ipad way more than I should
    I secretly go around picking up random toys and throwing them away because I can't stand how messy they make my house
    I despise toys, especially ones that have alot of parts that get lost and ask people to buy them tickets to local parks, lessons for something or just play dough.
    Did I mention I hate toys?
    I fantasize about how I wish someone would take my kids on the weekends so I could have me time
    I hit my limit by Thursday or Friday. I scream and even spank more on these days and often need a moment to hide in basement doing breathing techniques or 15 min yoga to calm down
    I used to drink wine every night to 3 glasses a night. I still miss it even though I am using meditation instead now.
    I tell the kids there is a ghost in our bedroom closet to keep them from going in it. I also threaten to lock them outside and make them sleep with the racoons if they don't come inside from palytime fast enough
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