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    My girls day camp had visiting day today. Parents get to come and stay at camp for an hour and a half and watch their kids doing "regular' camp activities. I was about 10 minutes early so I got to see Sydney in instructional swimming (but not really doing anything). Dani was at play practice. Their camp does 2 "big" plays that kids grades 3 and up get to audition and perform in. The play takes place twice in camp for the kids, than at night for the parents at a local place. Dani and most of the girls camp group are in the play. I think only 3 girls are not in the play., or at least only 3 girls who were in camp today. i see Sydney, get to watch her throw some hoops. Great counselor to camper ratio (2 counselors to 3 campers ). I leave to go see Dani. As soon as I get inside the Drama coach says all parents have to leave. Then he changes it to sit quietly in the back since the play is in 2 days.
    I left and went back to Sydney.
    The girls in their group are in 2 main scenes in the play, so first 1/2 the girls come back. Dani's group didn't come back till the camp group was heading to their next activity. Of course when it was time for us to leave, Dani was sad that I didn't get to see her that long because of the play rehearsal. I wound up staying for part of the next group, but I had to leave and get back to work. I was so surprised at the bad planning on the camps part and how they started to kick parents out of the rehearsal.
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    I was wondering where the girls were playing Gaga. For me it is always visiting day, as I work at the boys camp :) That does sound disorganized. I used to work at a camp where they had visit days, but would set up a special program for it. I do prefer how my current camp works, parents are able to visit anytime :)
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