DH Traveling @ 27 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by melissak, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. melissak

    melissak Well-Known Member

    SO my DH may be traveling for two nights when I will be 27 weeks. He is driving and will be 8-10hrs away. So far I have had no complications with my pregnancy but I'm still worried that he will be so far away. DO you think this is a good idea or not?
  2. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I would say it is *probably* okay. I would just make sure you have someone else "on call" just in case something would happen.
  3. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Do you have family that lives near you? My DH just started training and he has to live on the site until January 4, he can only come home on weekends. I'm almost 27 weeks now and my DH can only leave the training for when the babies are actually being born, so 2 nights doesn't seem like a big deal to me. But my parents live within 3 miles of my house in case I need them.
  4. vikkimathews

    vikkimathews Well-Known Member

    I agree - as long as you have reliable "backup" is should more then likely be just fine. I do understand your worry. My DH as a meeting (that he's supose to run) starting when I'm 35 w 4 d......My mom and dad are comming up to stay with me just in case....and hopefully, if I do go into labor, it will take more then the 7 hours it will take DH to get back home!
  5. ladybenz

    ladybenz Well-Known Member

    My brother is getting married when I will be 28 weeks. If my doc says its okay, I'll be going to the wedding, if not, my husband will go alone, and my best friend is coming to spend the weekend with me.

    Do you have someone who can come and stay with you for a few days?
  6. erinmichelleb

    erinmichelleb Well-Known Member

    You'll be just fine - don't worry so much! If anything, that'd make you go into labor! :) Just make sure you have a relative or friend on standby just in case. He'll make it back before anything happens, even if it did.
  7. navywife2bmom

    navywife2bmom Well-Known Member

    my husband has been gone since i was 11 weeks pregnant and wont be coming home till probually after the birth, i have no family here and only a few friends... cause of the navy... id say its ok...

    my husband has been gone since i was 11 weeks pregnant and wont be coming home till probually after the birth, i have no family here and only a few friends... cause of the navy... id say its ok...
  8. erinmichelleb

    erinmichelleb Well-Known Member

    Girl... come on! Don't scare the civillians...! :D My DH is an Apache pilot in the Army. I have to say, my first thought was similar to yours, seeing as many of my friends have had babies while their DH was in Iraq, but each person has their own challenges...
  9. SJV

    SJV Well-Known Member

    Mine had to travel also, even when I was on bedrest. Just make sure there's somebody nearby in case you have to go to the hospital (but it sounds like you won't have to). I do know how you feel though!
  10. ddancerd1

    ddancerd1 Well-Known Member

    my DH was going to go to vegas this week for work and i was going to stay by my parents' house (an hour away), or have my mom stay here with me so i'd have someone with me. but DH decided he didn't want to leave me (everyday he thinks i'm going to go into labor any minute. :rolleyes: )
    if you have someone nearby you can call on, you should be okay!
  11. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of admiration for you military wives. That must be really hard to be alone during your pregnancy. For us non-military folks, a weekend with the DH away can feel like a lifetime!! Melissa, I can understand you being concerned, but in all likelihood, you should be just fine! Just be thankful that it is not YOU that has to do the traveling. At 27 weeks, that would be the last thing that I would want to do!
  12. melissak

    melissak Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the replies everyone! I feel much better. I do have some family close by so I will have to see if they will be around since that is Labor Day weekend he will be gone.
  13. ladybutterflyrose

    ladybutterflyrose Well-Known Member


    My husband will be gone a total of 7 weeks this summer. I am currently 26w2d and he will be getting back in town, for good, at 27w4d. Whew!! He was supposed to go in Sept. too originally, but we talked about it and decided he should talk with his bosses about not traveling after Aug. They agreed. I've also had a good pg. I know my neighbors and my sister are close, in case. Hopefully your hubby won't be traveling anymore after this too :).
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