distinguishing "normal" abdominal discomfort from "abnormal"

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by wvtwinmama, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. wvtwinmama

    wvtwinmama Well-Known Member

    hi ladies,

    I'm sticking to my promise to myself to ask questions here rather than search on google! I'm 21 weeks along with boy/girl twins. They just started kicking me around 10 days ago - - so fun!

    Sometimes I'll get a sharp pain in my lower abdomen, especially when I stand up, when I sneeze, or after using the bathroom. These go away quickly, and I'm fairly certain they are round ligament pains. Other times I have a dull ache in a particular spot, and that might last for a few hours and then go away. Can those be round ligament pains too?

    I saw my doctor yesterday, and was asking him these questions. He said pains were to be expected with a twin pregnancy, and that as long as I wasn't feeling contractions or rhythmic pains, I shouldn't worry. Since this is my first pregnancy to make it this far, I don't really know what a contraction feels like. I don't think what I'm feeling is contractions, but I really don't know.

    I get worried when I think about pre-term labor, which I know is a concern in twin pregnancies, especially at the point in pregnancy I am at. How would I even know if I was experiencing pre-term labor? I know a symptom is "pressure" in the lower abdomen, but I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is "pressure". For what it's worth, they've checked my cervical length via ultrasound twice in the last several weeks, including just 2 weeks ago, and it was great both times (5 cm).

    Sorry this post is a little rambling, but I'm just not sure what pain/discomfort is normal and what is cause for concern. I would love any insight from those who have been there, done that!

    Thanks as always for your thoughts.
  2. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    You will have so many strange aches and pains! ;)

    I think the big things to watch for are contractions (which, like the doc said, are rhythmic), sharp back pain, and a change in pelvic pressure (I say a change because some pelvic pressure is to be expected).

    I did have PTL and deliver my girls are 30 weeks and here's what I learned from it:
    I was extremely dehydrated. So drink your water!
    I was very active (over Christmas). Do not push yourself, rest!
    I had excruciating back pain.
    I had more frequent BH contractions. Be aware of them and their frequency.
    I had bloody show.

    That's a list, but what it really comes down to is drinking water and taking it easy and paying attention to your body.

    You can do this! It's normal to be nervous. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to call your doctor. Sounds like you're doing great, though!
  3. jnelan

    jnelan Well-Known Member

    I've had round ligament pain that lasts for a while. At one point it lasted through the night and into the next morning (just a continuous ache) so I went in to get checked out and everything was fine. I agree that it's hard early on to know what is and isn't normal - I think you just learn as you go (though I know that's not really helpful to you now!).

    I agree with getting rest and drinking a lot of water. I've had Braxton-Hicks contractions since probably around 20 weeks; sometimes they feel a bit strong, but they've always been painless. I always confirm them by poking my belly and if it's hard, then it's a contraction. But I haven't worried about them and won't unless I feel several strong ones evenly paced out and that hasn't happened yet.

    I also had fairly bad pain w/ vomiting a few weeks ago, but even that went away in less than 24 hrs (and I spent a day in the hospital being checked out, but everything was fine - they think it might have been a virus, though it felt like the pain was in my uterus).

    Good luck! I was really concerned about PTL too, but so far so good (I'm at 30 weeks). Just try to go by your instincts and don't hesitate to call your dr if you are concerned.
  4. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    I had early contractions that were uncomfortable with ALL of my pg, but only PTL with the twins. The difference for me was dull back pain, and a sudden onset of feeling pretty lousy and out of breath from the contractions. Fortunately for me, they started while I was walking into the Dr's office for my appt. They sent me straight to L&D. That was at 20 weeks, but I was measuring full term. I would recommend calling your nurse line if you ever have any questions. They were very helpful to me during all my pgs. And that way if there is ever a question of whether or not it's PTL, they can make an appt for you right away.
  5. jnelan

    jnelan Well-Known Member

    Oh, and I would just say that if you have ANY blood or fluid leaking, call your dr right away. At least that's what I plan to do if it happens to me! :)
  6. wvtwinmama

    wvtwinmama Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all of the replies, ladies. This is helpful. I especially like the advice to pay attention to *changes* in pelvic pressure, since some pelvic pressure is to be expected. I've had some back pain, but upper back pain and only after sitting for a long time. Nothing too bad in my lower back so far, but I'll keep an eye out for that.
  7. Tamaralynn

    Tamaralynn Well-Known Member

    It sounds like round ligament pain. I went into PTL at 24 weeks and this is what I felt:

    -severe lower back pain, make you stop in your tracks painful
    -tightening of my lower tummy
    -immense pressure down below, like when I stood it felt like a baby would pop out.

    I agree with the drink lots, take it easy and try and relax. You are doing great!
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