Drooling Rash

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by laurenlantz, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. laurenlantz

    laurenlantz Well-Known Member

    When I took my daughters in for their last well baby checkup, Kate had started to get a little rash (little red bumps) around her mouth. The pedi said it was just from her drooling and that it was normal. She recommended that we just use Neosporin to help it. It's been about a month and a half since that appointment and the rash hasn't gone away. While I haven't been extremely diligent in putting the ointment on, when I do, it doesn't seem to help that much. Plus since it's around her mouth, it just kinda gets wiped away by her hands. The little bumps have started to spread to around her nose and eyes now, but not nearly as bad around her mouth and chin.

    Anyone else have problems with this and find a workable solution? Thanks!
  2. meganguttman

    meganguttman Well-Known Member

    I was trying to google the stuff we use and found it as the result from "irritation from drooling" on the Johnson & Johnson website! It worked wonders for us! The boys got red cheeks from all their drool and I put in on probably 5 times a day. Plus it smells great!
  3. lovelylily

    lovelylily Well-Known Member

    DD had a rash around her mouth, nose, and eyes like that and her pedi said to use hydrocortizone cream on it. It cleared up in a few days.
  4. piccologirl

    piccologirl Well-Known Member

    our guys had that, really badly. it's mostly cleared up but every now and then they get a few spots. we use eucerin aquaphor (it's in the baby care aisle). it's non-medicated, it's basically just a moisture barrier. i don't like the idea of using hydrocortisone cream or neosporin since it's really a moisture irritation issue, not a bacterial or allergic thing.
  5. ohjojo

    ohjojo Well-Known Member

    my DD is a huge drooler and was getting a really bad rash around her chin and cheeks. i tried aquaphor but it didn't seem to help much. i finally tried the california baby calendula cream and it was gone in 1 day! it also works really well on DS eczema on his toes. plus it smells great and isn't greasy.
  6. laurenlantz

    laurenlantz Well-Known Member

    Thanks ladies! You gave me some awesome starting places!
  7. Natalochka

    Natalochka Well-Known Member

    aquaphor has worked well for dd - I put it on at night, and sometimes during the day.
  8. DATJMom

    DATJMom Well-Known Member

    I have used Aquaphor, Vaseline, Eucerin Cream, and A and D ointment. Pretty much whatever is available. I think you just need something that will create a barrier to the moisture. I would be hesitant to use a hydrocortisone cream on the face of a baby.
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