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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by sheras2, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. sheras2

    sheras2 Well-Known Member

    Our ID boys are 7.5 months and still having Enfacare for formula. Every day they typically breastfeed twice, get three 8 oz. bottles, and 2 solid feedings. At our 6 month appointment, our pediatrician recommended they stay on the Enfacare (22 cal) for now. They were at the 25th and 10th percentiles for growth that day.

    Fast forward to today, we took Leo only for a developmental evaluation appt at the therapist (he is doing great BTW), but the nurse there was really surprised that they are still on Enfacare. She said they are obviously growing fine and they should be coming off of it soon.

    So, Jude weighs a little over 19 pounds and Leo weighs a little over 16 pounds. Jude has gained about 3 pounds in the last month where Leo has gained about one. The gap in their weight is getting bigger, they used to be less than 2 pounds difference. Jude usually finishes all 3 of his bottles, but Leo only finishes all 3 of his bottles about 75% of the time and occasionally doesn't finish his cereal in the morning. They are both growing great and I think they both eat well and as much as they want, but Jude is getting pretty chunky. I don't mind a chubby baby and think he is healthy, but I'm wondering if he really needs those extra calories anymore, not to mention the Enfacare is more expensive.

    Would it be a bad thing if we just started transitioning to a different formula without our doctor's recommendation? What is the best way to transition so it doesn't upset their digestive system? Since Leo weighs less, does it seem like he still may need those extra calories? It seems like it would be a pain to try to do two different kinds of formula for them.
  2. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    I would switch. We switched at 3.5 months from Similac neoSure. That stuffs was so hard on their tummies. I just did cool turkey though. I suggest good start protectplus.my kids tried so many. And they have been so happy with good start. Right now they are on good start protect plus 2 (4 toddlers) until 12 months adjusted.

    And you don't have to switch it completely right away. U can mix 1 scoop of regular formula and 3 scoops of enfacare in every bottles for the first 2-7 days see how they take it, then increase regular formula and decrease enfacare slowly until you complete the transition. I think they will be fine. And I think you know the best if they still need enfacare or not. Not their Pedi.
  3. Kludelhoven

    Kludelhoven Well-Known Member

    I completely agree with the PP, i could have written it word for word. We went from enfacare to goodstart protect plus around 3 months and we very happy with the formula and the switch over went great and we much less gas issues with the goodstart!
  4. sheras2

    sheras2 Well-Known Member

    My sister also recommends Good Start. I have a can of the Gentle Plus, but haven't opened if yet. I think we'll give it a try this weekend.
  5. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    Good start genltplus is different from just protect plus. I believe the proteins in gentlplus are broken down more. If your kiddos dont have stomach sensitive or relux, i would go with protect plus.

    Target and other stores sell 23.95/ 24 oz can. You can buy it at walmart 19.95/24 oz can. You should register with Goodstart so you can get coupons in the mail. I used 3 emails. And I get more coupons. the older the babies get, the less often they send coupons. You also can buy coupons on ebay. I used to buy 20 coupons 3 dollars off/can for like 2 bucks.

    Since I started weaning them, they started drinking alot of good start and they are happy with it. Your kiddos will be fine. GL!
  6. scrappycindy

    scrappycindy Well-Known Member

    My girls were on Enfacare for the first 6 months after I stopped pumping at 6 weeks. Their pedi was pleased with their growth and weight at that point and recommended the regular Enfamil Lipil formula. At 18 months they were at 34/44% for weight and 67/83% height. I would think at this point you'd be ok switching at least your bigger twin.
  7. bellawillawyatt

    bellawillawyatt Well-Known Member

    Well my twins are 2 months older and are smaller than your's and our ped took us off Neosure at 3 months. Well Wyatt at 3 months Willa Grace and 1.5 months because it was giving her reflux. Wyatt is on regular Similac or regular enfamil whichever I have coupons for and Willa Grace is on Nutramigin. We stopped cold turkey too. No issues at all. Seriously mine are 9 months old and Wyatt is 15.5 lbs and Willa Grace is 13.3 lbs. I would say your safe. What is the reason your ped is giving you for not switching?
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