fatigue in the third trimester

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by Chrissy2010, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Chrissy2010

    Chrissy2010 Well-Known Member

    Anyone feel as tired in the third trimester as they did in the first!! Im soooooooooooo tired, its hard to get things done around here. Im not sleeping too great at night either so that doesn't help..
  2. pandax3

    pandax3 Well-Known Member

    Me too. I can barely sleep thru the night. With the big belly, the back pain while sleeping and also getting up all the time to pee. And I get up at 6am to leave the house by 645 and commute to work. My commute is 30-45 minutes in the morning and 45-1hr in the afternoon. I feel bad but I have to have the ice-coffee(sugar free vanilla) from McDonald's every morning to get me going.
  3. betha

    betha Well-Known Member

    I had this, too. It started towards the end of the second trimester when I was getting bigger. I used to spend my lunch hours at work napping on a big pillow under my desk. I could NOT stay awake.
    For the PP, I asked my MFM about drinking a small amount of caffeine. She said it was okay (but don't drink one after another...). I used to have an ice tea to help me wake up and get going.
  4. sheras2

    sheras2 Well-Known Member

    I'm still in my second trimester and really struggling with fatigue, especially in the last week. And I blame work. I don't do a physically strenuous job but I'm so tired in the mornings, especially if I have a night where I don't sleep well. I do some walking around work, have to go up and down stairs typically 2-3 times a day. It's not so bad at the time but I think it adds up so by the time evening rolls around, I'm beat. I haven't resorted to caffeine yet, but going to try and carve in a regular time for a nap when I get home at night. If it's not any better next week then I'm going to talk to my boss about reducing my hours.
  5. twinmom2dana

    twinmom2dana Well-Known Member

    I was so sleepy with the boys, I had to have my doc get me out of work at about 25 wks. I worked in an infant room and I found mysely rocking or feeding a baby and falling asleep in the process. Not to mention picking up the bigger kids, or playing in the muscle room. I was exhausted. Now pregnant, moving and chasing two 2 yr olds, I'm needing a nap again, everyday.
  6. babs0004

    babs0004 Well-Known Member

    I was so tired that I went out on leave at 30 weeks. And I'll tell you this - it's a good thing I planned on going out at 30 weeks. I could NOT visit clients anymore and definitely couldn't take the back pain while sitting at my desk. I am now 32w2d and bored out of my mind, but know that I did the right thing. I don't sleep well at night and the daytime naps are completely gone (total insomnia now). I can't imagine trying to work under these conditions and with a HUGE belly. Good luck!
  7. 7sellers

    7sellers New Member

    I was just thinking I am so moody today, but it's because my husband just had knee surgery and we've been stuck indoors with three kids, and twins on the way. We slept until nearly 11 o'clock, so I shouldn't be tired, but every time I get up to get something done, like cook lunch, I'm overwhelmed with fatigue, and sit down again. I'm 27 weeks with g/g twins. This fatigue is very similar to the first trimester; but sometimes I wonder if I'm just depressed or something. Everyone told me I would be tired, but I'm just SOOOO sick of feeling tired. My family needs me, and I need to get out of the house, but the thought of getting into the car in the heat, just doesn't sound good either. I'm normally a very happy person and positive, but I feel like a caged-in "grump" with no energy. How can I be considering a nap when I woke up two hours ago?
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