Fever that won't stop

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by becasquared, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Royce started running a fever on Friday night. 102.6 Gave him medicine, it came down to 100. Saturday, fever up to 103.5. Today, up to 103.8. When do you take them to the doctor? I can deal with a sick kid, but I just want to make sure I'm not frying his little brain or anything. He's just acting sick, nothing over the top, no vomiting or diarrhea, just a stomach ache and a headache.
  2. oma

    oma Member

    Granddaughter is recovering from Hand, foot and mouth disease.
    This is exactly how it started.
  3. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    Does your Dr have a medical question line? Maybe they can tell you whether to come in or not. I'm pretty much at the top of the hates going to doctors list, but I would probably bring my kid in after so many days with fever, if he's still running it tomorrow morning. Fever means infection, maybe he has an ear infection?
  4. Utopia122

    Utopia122 Well-Known Member

    This may be crazy, but as much strep as my family has had, that is what it sounds like to me. My girls rarely complain about their throat when they have it, but those are the same symptoms they have.
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  5. Fran27

    Fran27 Well-Known Member

    I'd take him, just to rule out an infection or something.
  6. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I've always remembered-three days of fever-take them in. My guess there is some infection of sorts.

    When you do so, let us know how he is. Poor Royce!
  7. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Oh, we're definitely going in tomorrow if he's still feverish. 3 days is my usual limit before I take them in. 100.6 right now, but he's up and acting the fool.
  8. lianyla

    lianyla Well-Known Member

  9. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    The Dr always tells us that typically high fever is viral. With that said, we also have one that gets unexplained high fevers have been nearing 107. We have been promised that he won't get brain damaged until it hits 108, and try to keep it under 102 with meds. Now, obviously each person is an individual AND no one in their right mind would want to deal with a fever that high without Dr care. But we deal with 105 often with alternating Motrin and Tylenol ( per the drs instructions) at home. I'm sure they wouldn't tell us to do this if it was unsafe.
    I would think strep or a nasty virus, if it were me. But watch the stomach pain, just in case...I surely hope the fever breaks soon! I know how awful it is to deal with, not to mention how bad it makes them feel.
  10. MarchI

    MarchI Well-Known Member

    Really high or 4 days. I say take him tomorrow. Poor kiddo, I hope he feels better. We had HFM and it only lasted 24 hours (we've had it before though). Good luck.
  11. rissakaye

    rissakaye Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    That's what Sarah's kidney infection looked like. High fever, headache, upset stomach (eventually she did start puking). Nothing of the "typical" signs of a kidney infection. So if the dr. can't come up with anything obvious, you might check that. She acted like herself until the fever went over 104. Then she started puking and just wanted to curl up in bed.

  12. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    East just got over a fever that I was convinced would last forever. I took him in and they put him on an antibiotic because it had been so long but a couple of days later his fever stopped and he broke out in a rash - they said probably a viral thing. I am sorry he is sick! How is Alice?

    OH and my 13 yr old had a fever and ulcers all in his mouth, They said hand foot and mouth. East never had any ulcers but I am wondering if it was the same virus??
  13. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    101.4 this morning. Off to the doctors!

    Heather, Alice is fine. She's got this cough that she's had for a while (allergies), and ran a low-grade fever Saturday morning, but after that went away, she's been fine.
  14. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Poor Royce! Let us know what the doctor says :hug:
  15. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I am so glad that Alice is fine! Poor Royce! I hope he feels better very soon!

    Is it just me or do allergies and sicknesses seem worse this year?
  16. sulik110202

    sulik110202 Well-Known Member

    I hope your son feels better soon.
  17. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    The verdict is in! Drumroll please. . .

    Strep test is negative (he had yucky tonsils). So that means that he "probably has the five-day-fever virus that is going around our area right now."
  18. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    Bex, I had a virus recently that kicked my bum. Started with a tickle in my throat. I had nasty tonsils and throat for 2 weeks. I haven't felt that bad in years. If its the same virus, I feel for him!!! Ben had it too, but his only lasts about 5 days. I hope the little guy is on the mend soon!!!!
  19. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    You know, it probably is the same virus. My husband's coworker had it and it took him about two weeks to not be sick, plus his kids both had it and they all go to the same preschool.
  20. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Oh. my.

    I hope I survive today. He is acting like he's been sick for three days and now has three days of energy to get out of his system. And he's still running a fever. :lol:
  21. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    Poor kiddo. We had that a couple weeks ago and it sucked. Glad Alice is ok.
  22. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

    It must be. I just hope it doesnt revisit the house, since it's still making its rounds in the area. I hope everyone else stays healthy in your house. Btw, slurpees helped my throat feel better, but water was like pouring acid down my throat. Kids bounce back so much faster than us old folks....
  23. dtomecko

    dtomecko Well-Known Member

    My son had a fever like that last summer, up and down for several days with no other symptoms. And he was not himself, so crabby beyond belief. I thought it was going to last forever too. Then the fever was gone, but he was still not himself. Anything would set him off. I was so relieved the next day when I lifted up his shirt and saw the rash. Roseola! I finally knew what it was, that it wasn't serious, and that it would end! I think the incubation period is like 10 days or something, so I was worried about my daughter, but she never got it.
  24. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    Yes, my doctor will not see kids until they've had a temp over 100 degrees for three days. Try to remember that fever is good. It is fighting the infection. IF the child is obviously in distress, medicate, but try to wait as you can. Good luck! Poor kid. My boys hang on to fevers like that and just veg on the couch.
  25. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Hah, he crashed hard shortly after I posted that he had all sorts of energy. I just wish he would take a nap!
  26. tinalb

    tinalb Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Bex, did they follow up the rapid strep test with a regular swab to send to the lab? I ask because Luke has tonsil issues & often gets strep (at least 3 or 4 times a year) and the rapid strep that they do in the office has a very high false negative rate (it has happened several times with us). If they didn't do a normal swab & the fever doesn't come down in the next day or so, I would likely insist on them double checking. Also, keep your eyes open for a fine red rash that feels kind of sandpapery, that would be your next sign that it is strep.
  27. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    I can't quote because I'm on my phone but Heather, my daughter has had fever followed by a rash a couple of times and my pedi said it was caused by the fever. I think he called it roseola? It was a while ago so I don't quite remember.
  28. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Day 5.

    Fever is still there, but it's low grade, floating between 100 and 101.5 now. He did have one massive sweat outbreak yesterday, so I know that the fever close to the end! :clapping: I just hope Alice doesn't get it. They have pre-K graduation on Monday.
  29. Utopia122

    Utopia122 Well-Known Member

    Glad the strep was negative! Hope you are on the tail-end of it!
  30. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Aaaaaaand we have puke in Target.

    Oh well, at least I'm at work today!
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  31. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    Ugh, I'm sorry! At least since you're at target, you won't have to be the one to clean it up, right? ;)
  32. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Poor Royce! Target has lots of cleaning supplies though, the kid knows how to pick his moment.
  33. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Day 6.

    Fever at 3:00 am. Just kill me now please. I do not want to watch another day of Diego or How it's Made.
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  34. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    Oh no, Bex! Seriously? That poor kid. I feel terrible for you, too. Sick days are NOT fun. :grouphug:
  35. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I've had a few false alarms about him feeling better, but he's not had any Advil or Tylenol since 7 this morning, and he's "ninjago-ing" around the house, and talking about Optimus Prime.
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