Fingertip dilated 25 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by murtygirl, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. murtygirl

    murtygirl Well-Known Member

    Yeah, so at my 25 wk appt all looked great with the babies, but when she went to check my cervix she said that I am "1 fingertip, but still high and firm". My cervical lenght is still "good". I will go back in next week for another cervical check. No bedrest or anything. Any thoughts or experiences with this ladies??

    On a good note, I talked to her about a vaginal birth if A is head down (which he is at the time). She said she LOVES delivering twins vaginally and usually it goes smoothly. She said alot of times if baby B doesn't turn she just goes in and grabs the feet and pulls the baby out that way.But she also prepared me for having to have an emergency section if B is stuck or having trouble, in which case I would have to deliver both vaginally and c section...but, to me just to have the opportunity is WORTH IT!
  2. twinmom2dana

    twinmom2dana Well-Known Member

    Don't fret too much about the fingertip dilation. If the doc isn't concerned, don't stress yourself. I was 3cm for about 3 wks with my 2nd pregnancy. Just continue to take it easy and listen your body and the doc. As for the delivery, I am a witness that it can go wonderfully smooth. My doc and I agreed that as long as A was head down and B showed no signs of distress, that we would try a vaginal birth. When the time came, A was head down, delivered, and B did NOT turn. I pushed him down a bit, doc grabbed his foot and brought him down and he was delivered 10 mins later. He was fine the whole time, vitals good and all that and we avoided surgery. Just wanted you to know it is possible. Trust between you, your doc, and your babies is the key! :good:
  3. calind115

    calind115 Well-Known Member

    my doc actually said he prefers baby b to be breech so he can just reach in and extract him. the way he explained it it actually makes sense.
  4. mommaoffour_ohmy

    mommaoffour_ohmy Well-Known Member

    I was also dialated 3cm for about 2 weeks, but never this early. If doc isnt worried I wouldnt be, but listen to your body :grouphug:
  5. Sofiesmom

    Sofiesmom Well-Known Member

    I was a fingertip at 31 weeks and my doc did tell me rest more frequently and stop doing exercises. A week later I was 2 cm, 2 weeks later 3 cm, another 2 weeks later 4 cm, and I delivered at 38 weeks, when I was 4 1/2 cm when I was admitted for my induction (without going into labor). I would be careful since 25 weeks is quite early ... (I also still had a long cervix, etc.).

    I also had a successful vaginal birth with a breech baby B (breech extraction).
  6. murtygirl

    murtygirl Well-Known Member

    Thank you ladies for your stories. I will definitely be taking it more easy (altough I feel like I have slowed down merely because things are getting more difficult to do). I am a little scared, but IF i can hold on for another 8 or 9 weeks to 34 weeks I will sigh a huge sigh of relief:)
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