First flight, One adult, two babies

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by CuriousGeorge, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. CuriousGeorge

    CuriousGeorge Active Member

    So my babies and I are going to visit their grandmother in NC in 2 weeks. Just me and them. They are almost 4 months old and I am wondering if I am losing my mind :)

    I got 2 seats (obviously) and they are both non-stop flight (round trip).

    any suggestions? They are not on solids so I can't entertain them with food yet and they don't seem to care too much for toys.

    Thanks :)
  2. RJ2006

    RJ2006 Well-Known Member

    my dh and I travelled with our girls to Australia from Chicago as lap babies when they were 14 weeks old, returning when 17 weeks old. Overall, it was fine. Getting thru secruity was the worst. Babies slept a lot on all the flights. There were 6 flights in total... here is what we learned:

    1. Check with your airline to make sure that:
    - You are allowed to travel with 2 babies under 2 yrs old. Some restrict saying 1 adult per baby under 2.
    - Check with your airports, both of them, to see if they are capable of gate checking strollers. On the way back, our airport was not equiped so we had to check our double stroller at the ticket counter and carry babies in bjorns and all carry on from ticket counter to plane, board, deboard, lay over, board again, etc. without the stroller. You might want to think about an umbrella stroller if you can not gate check. I think most the single ones can fit in overhead.
    - See if your airline can give you some help getting thru secruity and boarding. Ours did this on the way back and it was so so so much better. They might even be able to get you that little mobile cart!
    - Find out if your airline allows families and ppl traveling with small children to board first. United airlines no longer allows this, so it was a headache to get on with the twins/carry ons/ gate checking stroller, etc. And we had 2 people. If we knew going in to it, it would have been much easier. Part of the problem was we were not prepared to hear that.

    2. Bring your baby bjorn, (have bjorn with you and accessable at all times) and boppy pillow, but minimize all other carry on. I would even think about getting one of those carriers that will carry twins. Boppy was great for baby on lap or even if extra seat, could position her on it on the seat and even fasten the seat belt over her to give a bit more security.

    3. Time bottles: Give an hour before going thru secruity, when taking off and landing, even if they are not that hungry. Don't worry about keeping your feeding schedule on travel days, just feed. Sinc back up the next day when you arrive.

    4. Bring enough bottles and pre measured formula for the flights: about 6 if you are just doing pre-secruity, take off and landing.

    5. Make more forumla, if on formula or pour more breast milk that baby normally takes, this way you can have some extra if they get fussy during flight without making a whole new bottle.

    6. Bring tylonol, if they start to get really worked up, give it to them. Normally I don't advocate for using medecine unless truely required, but this worked a treat for us. Had to do it 1x on way over and 1x on way back. Plus, for some strange reason, ours sleep easier when they have had it. If i were traveling alone, I would give it to them as a precaution about 30 mins before take off.

    7. Try to only change diapers if really needed, just one more hassel to worry about.

    8. Bring pacifiers if you use them. Huge help. Get the little clip ons that hold them to clothing so they don't drop on floor. Bring several back ups just in case.

    9. If you swaddle for sleep, bring them for the plane. Helped our girls fall asleep very easily. We would swaddle, but in boppy on extra seat and belt in. Girls sleep great like this.

    10. Bring at least 1 back up of clothing, best if you can fit 2 in there. Its summer, so a simple onsie will work fine.

    11. If you use formula, Have your mom go out and buy some of your exact forumla that you use so its ready at the destination. Don't change formulas cause you don't want any tummy problems on your holiday. B/c australia doesn't carry our formula, we carried 10 tins down with us, enough for the 3.5 wks we were there. However, just make sure you have enough formula for both babies on you in case you get delayed. Just pop it in one of those pre measured containers. I would say enough for 20 hours would be good, about 5 bottles worth for each baby.
  3. jromkey

    jromkey Well-Known Member

    Wow! Great checklist. I have absolutely nothing of value to add as I have yet to attempt travel with the babies.
  4. mommyto3boys

    mommyto3boys Well-Known Member

    I haven't flown with my 2 little ones yet, but check and see if you can have someone help you to the gate. Usually security will make an exception and allow assistance when someone is flying solo with more than 1 child.
  5. Rach28

    Rach28 Well-Known Member

    I think you are very brave to do this alone! Hopefully the twins should sleep for most part of the flight!

    I agree with RJ2006 when she says to check with the airline. Here, in Spain, I wasn´t allowed to fly alone with 2 babies. I wanted to add that you should make sure they are sucking on something (bottle or paci) when you take off and land as the air pressure can affect them. Mine never had a problem but I still make sure they are sucking something!!!

    GL & KUP!
  6. bbyboo1323

    bbyboo1323 Well-Known Member

    I have no suggestions but major props to you for even considering it! I wouldnt even consider it now with DH going LOL
  7. Sarah75

    Sarah75 Well-Known Member

    Brave woman and props to you for doing it !! We are suppose to travel with the babies at Christmas overseas and I am seriously not wanting to do it as I think its going to be really hard work. Please let us know how it goes.
  8. bekkiz

    bekkiz Well-Known Member

    The airline can issue a "helper" pass to your husband/mother etc that can get them through security, which is the time you'll need the most help. You have to fold down the stroller etc. You also have to take the babies out of any carriers.

    A luggage strap can turn a car seat into a backpack to make it easier to carry.
  9. tri159

    tri159 Well-Known Member

    I strongly agree with pp's about checking with the airline to make sure they'll allow you to fly solo with 2 babies. When I was looking to fly within Ontario here, I discovered the airlines here didn't allow it unless there were 2 adults....
  10. nycmomma

    nycmomma Well-Known Member

    I would also add that you should bring liquid formula for the plane, it was a pain to mix the dry stuff with bottled water. And definitely bring or make sure you have the same exact type of formula at your destination, I used generic Gentalese but couldn't find it on our first trip and bought the Enfamil stuff and my guys had stomach problems for weeks after we returned!
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