First Flight with 11 Month Old Twins

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by AandWmom, May 26, 2012.

  1. AandWmom

    AandWmom Member

    We are taking our first plane flight with our 11 month old twins. Any tips? It is a 2 hour non-stop flight.
  2. Silly_Putty

    Silly_Putty Well-Known Member

    We took ours at 11 went really well for the most part. Two hours nonstop should go just fine! Mine slept for most of the flight. We gave them bottles right as the plane was taking off and again as we started descending (in case they had pressure issues, the sucking helps pop their ears). Bring a few new toys and snacks and cross your fingers they don't need their diaper changed. I only had to do one diaper between our flight out and our flight home but airplane bathroom changing tables are little and awkward. We didn't board first because we wanted them off the plane as long as possible. Gate checked strollers and checked everything else. What is your seating arrangement? We had two aisle seats so we could both easily get up.
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