Flying with Twins--What are the NECESSITIES! What are lifesavers?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by amelowe9, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. amelowe9

    amelowe9 Well-Known Member

    This Christmas DH and I are flying from California to Boston. Our twins will be 6 mos. What things do you find absolute necessities or lifesavers in terms of making the flight, and the trip, go smoothly?

    I have heard of Babies Away and love the idea of it, but I also think we won't need it...I know the Graco carseats can work in a rental with the seatbelt, right? I can borrow a Pack 'n Play from family for sleeping. We're taking our carseats and Snap n Go stroller. Other than clothes/diapers/bottles/formula etc...etc... what else?
  2. DATJMom

    DATJMom Well-Known Member

    Alcohol for you and everyone sitting near you!! :laughing:

    A nice big diaper bag, maybe even one that is a backpack so that you have free arms to carry all the stuff plus the babies on the plane. Are you going to hold the babies on your lap? If so, check the carseats with the base at the checkin and then you wont need to worry about not having the base when you get to your destination.

    Make sure you keep your stroller with you until you board the plane. You will appreciate not having to lug the babies around the airport and through security. Speaking of security, make sure you have a clear plastic bag to declare all of your liquids going through security. It will make it much smoother if you know where they are ahead of time and can just pull them out of the bag and place them into the bin.

    I would pack a couple of new toys that they can look at and chew on. Maybe a lightweight blanket for the plane. Lots of formula and diapers for an unexpected delay. Maybe a bottle of water?

    Other than that, not much. We flew our first trip at 3 months and really it went smoothly. Plan to get to the airport 2 hours ahead of time so that you are not stressing and you can do some feeding before and change diapers. Have fun!!
  3. Neumsy

    Neumsy Well-Known Member

    I can't say specifially for twinkles, but with *my* Owen, I travelled with him from Chicago to Seattle fairly often at this age. If you and DH are both going it will be SO much easier-one baby apiece! I was doing it alone, but the stewardesses were a GODSEND.

    Use. Them. :D

    They heated bobbies, retrieved and washed dropped binkies, and stood in the bathroom doorway, taking poopy diapers right out of my hands as I changed him, so I didn't have to juggle, or do the "hold him with one hand on the chest and turn for the wastebasket" dance. :D They were wonderful. Take books-read, read, read to them. It saved me with Owen, and he was a pretty laid back baby. Ia gree with new toys, and GET THERE EARLY! It will save you so much headache, especially with the way security is now. get them up and pace the aisles as often as possible, they'll love looking at all the little lights and things and being out of their seats. I found the main thing with him, even this young was to be sure I took whatever blanket he normally slept or comforted himself with. (I did CIO fairly early, so he got attached to a blanket fairly young).

    Have fun! (I love Boston and New York at Christmas, lucky duck!) :D
  4. stefwebb

    stefwebb Well-Known Member

    If you and DH are traveling together take a diaper bag for each of you. Also cram in a change of clothes for you or wear something wipeable that dries fast (DH ended up with coke in his lap and spitup down his shirt). We flew both at 6 and 7 months and 2 out of the 4 flights we were on separate rows. We were on bereavement fares so had to take what we could get, but it was actually easier that way.

    Bottles, formula, extra formula, lots of diapers and wipes, new toys and the most favorite toys, clothes changes for all, burp rags, bibs, blankie or animal, pacis - really just the normal stuff. You can gate check the stroller and infant carriers. Yes the carriers work with the seatbelts. The diaper bag also didn't count as a carryon item.

    It really wasn't bad - our boys did great and we are packing them up and going at Christmas too. We changed them right before boarding and fed them during take off - they either slept or were very calm.
  5. aandja79

    aandja79 Well-Known Member

    We flew with ours when they were 4 months from LAX to NZ (12 hours each way), and really had no problems. The most difficult part for us was going through security. Just consolidate your stuff as much as possible.

    In saying that though, you need a fair chunk of stuff! Agree with the person who said 1 diaper bag per parent, esp. if you may have to be separated. I packed a couple toys each for the babies, plus a LOT of dummies (pacifiers), and I also had the formula that comes pre-measured in packets. The flight attendants are amazing. They carried our stuff on the plane (you get to pre-board), they got stuff out of our bags when our hands were full, they washed and prepared bottles, and they washed dropped dummies. They also checked up on us to see if we needed anything many times during the flights. I also packed spare blankets so that the babies could play on the floor by the gates without having to touch the ground.

    The most important thing is to make sure your babies are either nursing, have a bottle, or are sucking on a dummy/pacifier when you take off and land. This ease the pressure on their ears and make for very pleasant babies, which equals pleasant flights all around.

    We are also flying at Christmas (back to NZ again), and the only differences this time is that I'll be packing a variety of things for them to chew on during the flight (ours will be 7 months), as well as a couple lightweight books with colourful pics to keep them entertained.

    Agree about the strollers - its definitely easier not to have to carry them, but the thing we found really difficult last time was dealing with folding them up during security, as well as dealing with the bags of liquids, the shoes, the bags, and the babies. I may use the baby bjorns this time (although they'll have to come out for security anyway they are lighter).

    Pack what you need, just try and make it as light as possible, and try and use backpacks so you have your arms free.
  6. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    We flew for the first time when the girls were 5 months old. Honestly it was the easiest of all the plane trips because 1) they actually like to sit on you and 2) they still sleep a lot. Things I would bring are loveys (if they have any yet), Bjorns or carriers (even if you have the stroller) because you can wear them through security and its nice to have your hands free, and lots of burp cloths, receiving blankets, and clothes (for you and them). Maybe a couple new toys, but really they will probably sleep most of the way. Oh and your sense of humor!!! Even if they cry its only a couple hours out of everyone's lives!
  7. thegirl

    thegirl Member

    I haven't flown with my twins yet, but we did a cross country trip with my DD at 6 mos. In addition to what others have said, I would add:
    1. Disposable changing pads. For the gross airport and airplane bathroom diaper changes. I brought a bunch and used them only once - threw out the pad and the dirty diaper all rolled up together.
    2. There are companies that rent baby gear - so you could have car seats, strollers, pack and plays, etc., even toys waiting for you at your destination. We used this on a short trip to see kid-less family, and it was great. Just google baby gear rental.
    3. You can take a baby in a Bjorn through security and the metal detector IN the Bjorn. VERY helpful if the babe is alseep, and you have your hands free-ish.
    4. Ditto on the liquids advice. I got delayed when I forgot to mention that I had pumped breastmilk in the bag, they saw it on the machine and were then "required" to search my bags.
    5. We got to go on the little cars in the airport. We didn't ask for it, but the little cars that drive people around drove us from security to our gate. The car just showed up or happened to be there - I don't know. SOOOOO helpful. Maybe you cna ask for htis.

    Hope this helps!
  8. heathertwins

    heathertwins Well-Known Member

    -- ziplock bags for putting smelly diapers into.

    --- those pacifier clips but instead attach toys to them. or toys attached to a chain of those rings so you can again attach to a diaper bag, etc.

    --- easy clothes like sleepers instead of tops & pants.

    --- a blanket to put down for them to crawl around on while in the airport. (good luck keeping them on the blanket)

    ---- many small toys instead of the larger size toys.

    --- not really books for that age.

    --- consider teething toys and teething gel, tylenol.

  9. julesbabies

    julesbabies Well-Known Member

    Maybe a stupid question but, you need the base for the infant seat on the plane, correct?
  10. someone

    someone Well-Known Member

    i am also flying with twins.. question about the double snap and go-- will they check it by the gate?? it's not too big to bring on the plane, right?
  11. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(someone @ Nov 17 2008, 12:38 PM) [snapback]1073826[/snapback]
    i am also flying with twins.. question about the double snap and go-- will they check it by the gate?? it's not too big to bring on the plane, right?

    They will check it at the gate! They may try to have you fold it up to go thru security. This is why its good to have the Bjorns or other carriers so you have hands free to detach the seats and fold the stroller.

    As for whether or not you need the base for the infant seats, I don't know. Check your manual and/or call the airline. I know for the Graco SnugRides you can use the seats in a car without the base (instructions in the manual), so you might be able to on a plane too. Happy flying everyone!
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