Gagging on spit, milk, post-nasal drip...

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by smiley7, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. smiley7

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    Hi ladies,

    My sweetie DD is such a gagger. It breaks my heart b/c she vomits (lately about once a day). She has a cold right now and she is gagging on her nasal drip. She is still manages to eat enough but it is such a challenge, after about 2-3 oz she pushes the bottle out and takes a "break" and this goes on for a while until I get enough food into her to satisfy us both. I thought maybe it was her reflux acting up, b/c she thrusts the bottle out and the vomitting but we trialled her back on prevacid and no change.

    What should i do about this? The ped just says that some kids are gaggers.. but it is so frustrating. She is the same way with her cereals. My DS eats like a champ but DD is a totally different story.

    My other question relates to teeth. They are under their gums, how long does it usually take to erupt? Are you giving advil/tylenol regularly during this period? I don't like to, so we've been saving it for one dose at night.

  2. dra1408

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    My girls are 7 weeks old and I am having the same problem with one of my girls. She gags on her own spit, her formula and her spit-up. It's awful! I have her on zantac, but it doesn't really help. I just try to always keep her elevated and she HAS to sleep on her side or she chokes really bad and can't get it down. I don't really have any advice, just wanted to let you know I have a gagger too. My ped says she should grow out of it, by around 8 months. I know that seems like forever. Just wanted to say good luck and I'm right there with you :)!
  3. piccologirl

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    if you feel like it's post nasal drip causing the gagging you can try to help thin the mucous by doing non-medicated saline drops/spray and suctioning snot, running a humidifier, sitting with her in a steamy bathroom (run the shower and sit for a few minutes), and making sure she stays hydrated. all of those things will help make the mucous less sticky and less likely to trigger a gag reflex.

    year 1 was the year of snot management for us. :laughing:

    oh, and teeth can take a while to erupt, every baby and every tooth is different. you can also try some baby oragel or teething tablets if you don't want to use tylenol or motrin regularly.
  4. snoopypharmd

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    Savannah was a gagger. She JUST got to where she could eat baby food and puffs without gagging :silly: We just kept at it and it was like she finally got more tolerant? to something in her mouth.

    Now she is definitely still a spitter. It has never seemed to bother her or kept her from gaining weight so pedi is just monitoring. But we clean up spit-up and change her ALL dang day :headbang:

    I am just praying it gets better - cause sometimes she spits up after she has had just baby food :(
  5. snoopypharmd

    snoopypharmd Member

    And as for the teeth - we have been like that (teeth right under the gums) for about a month and a half now - I know it is frustrating. I try not to give them anything unless they are superfussy. We have tried Tylenol, Motrin, and the Hyland teething tablets. But most of the time - it doesn't really seem to help anyway ...
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