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  1. JessiePlus2

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    I recently went back to the 2nd Year and read our "Confessions" post from this time last year. Oh.My.God. It is still hilarious! If you made confessions last year, how are things going for you this year? Do you still do those same things or have you been able to overcome them in the last year?

    I know for me, I still use the TV way too much and let the kids eat lots of processed junk-y food. But I no longer feel it's "confession worthy." I'm confident enough to know that they're no worse for the wear, so who cares if they eat chicken nuggets every day?
  2. Leighann

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    Aside from the fact that my girls no longer eat food off the floor (thanks to Yo Gaba Gaba and not me, thank you very much), and they are in beds so I can't just leave them in their cribs and sleep longer in the morning, most still holds true. Oh how I long for the days when they would play quietly in their cribs until I got them up in the morning. Now I usually wake up to one or two faces right.in.my.face loudly proclaiming "MOMMY I NEED TO PEE NOW! ARE YOU UP YET?!"
  3. nurseandrea02

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    Here were my confessions with my updates!

    1. I am happy that when my boys go to daycare (3x/wk) they get full balanced meals. Like, cooked, hot lunches with vegetables & fruit! Gasp! At home, I cook out of a box or anything frozen. DH is the cook in our family, but he gets home too late to cook for us, so the boys only get 'good' meals on the weekends. *UPDATE===I'm learning how to cook & RARELY make boxed meals anymore (more because it doesn't feed all 4 of us anymore)!!!

    2. I have to dress in business casual attire for work meetings/classes & find it hilarious that daycare asks why I got so 'dressed up' when I'm wearing khacki pants & a long sleeved shirt. I NEVER used to leave the house in sweats/pj pants but now I RARELY put on jeans! *UPDATE===Yeah, I STILL wear sweats & pj pants a lot. Thankfully it's getting warmer so I can wear capris now!

    3. Our tv is on essentially all day. The boys glance at it here or there (mainly when their show stops, which is odd because they didn't even WATCH the show). I keep kid friendly shows on 99% of the time & sadly find myself watching them even when they're not. *UPDATE===The tv is typically on before breakfast & a little before bed. Much less than before, although I notice my DH has it on all the time (but typically on his cooking or sports shows).

    4. The boys wash their hands before & after meals and after they come in from outside at daycare. Now, at home, they ask for it & I find it a hassle. I will admit, sheepishly, that they know to 'brush their hands off' by rubbing them together...my quick & easy form of 'washing' before dinner! I do always wash when we come in from outside though. *UPDATE===They can reach the sink all by themselves now, so they wash all the time...all on their own doing!

    5. My boys get baths every other to every third day. It's because of their dry skin/eczema, but in the summer it'll probably go to daily & I dread that. *UPDATE===Still on every other day baths, but it's getting close to daily from all the sand at daycare/in the backyard. Now we're doing quick showers some nights!

    6. I yell. A lot. And I feel absolutely horrible...to the point of almost crying after I do it. I don't want my kids to think of me that way but sometimes if I don't yell, I'm afraid I'd completely lose it! However, when I'm around other people (DH, family, friends), I don't even feel like I want to yell. Maybe they behave better or maybe just having another person of support there...I don't know. I just hate playing referree all day long & HATE yelling "Don't touch" or "Get down" all the time, too! *UPDATE===Sadly, I still yell. And I still hate doing it. Now it's for different reasons (vs the don't touch/get down), but it's still something I struggle with daily.

    7. I want another baby. Well, not really, I really only wanted 2. I get jealous of my friends having their 2nd when I need to wait until we can have #3 because I already have 2. I LONG to be pregnant again, but these 2 are so much work right now that I can't think of being pregnant or having an infant right now. *UPDATE===DH & I are 99% convinced we're done for multiple reasons. But, yes, I still long to be pregnant again.

    8. I'm more tired now than when they were newborns. Why is that? I nap with them almost every day, despite my ever growing to-do list. *UPDATE===Yep, still more tired now than I was then. They're exhausting now!

    9. I'm extremely strict on my duo & often have to ask myself if I'm asking too much of them for their age. I have zero tolerance for misbehaved kids & take pride in people commenting me on my well behaved kids (in public, mind you). I have been known to give time outs in doctor's offices, grocery stores, etc. I also make them say please & thank you. *UPDATE===Still strict & still get comments about well behaved kids, but also get comments about expecting too much from them. At least DH & I are on the same page.

    10. I don't shower daily either. Unless I have to go to work or I start to stink. *UPDATE===I shower daily again, just sometimes it's during the day & sometimes it's at night.

    11. My kids are always dressed perfectly & they MUST either coordinate or match at all times (I need to get over that soon, I'm sure). Their hair must also look good. Hopefully people look at just them, because I rarely even BRUSH my hair before we leave the house. *UPDATE===I'm seriously going to need therapy for this one. Mine still MUST coordinate (even pjs). I'm starting to get a little over it, but thankfully my boys don't question me yet :)!

    12. I spend entirely too much time on the internet. I'm sure it's a reason my kids act up, but it keeps me sane. I love to surf Facebook & Twinstuff, plus do some emailing. I need to cut back. *UPDATE===Still lots of internet time, although now from my Blackberry. So, the kids can play at the park while I surf Facebook. Ideal!

    13. I don't eat during the day...I only eat with them at dinner & then snack all evening before bed. And I wonder why I don't lose weight, my metabolism is shot! *UPDATE===Still guilty of this. And guilty of another 10 or so pounds, too....

    14. Aiden sucks his thumb, but only with his 'silkie' (his blanket). We've discussed numerous times to limit his silkie to his bed & the car, but we just can't do it. He's a silkie addict to calm himself down & since he's so dramatic, there still is a silkie in every room of the house. *UPDATE===OOOOH, I'm proud of this one! Silkie is only allowed at bedtime & naptime! And the transition process was WAY easier than anticipated!!!

    15. I NEED to get out of the house daily. My husband hates it because I typically spend money when we go out, usually on things we don't need (new toys, new clothes for the boys, random things). Sometimes I return stuff, but for the most part, my credit card debt just keeps racking up. I look forward to the spring weather so we can do stuff outside vs go shopping. *UPDATE===Winter was bad again this year with lots of trips to the store, children's museum, sports center, etc. Not a lot of days where I spent nothing. But I'm working on it. And loving that parks are free!

    16. I worry that I am not teaching my boys enough. I never really know what's appropriate for their age until I get their 'reports' from daycare. Now we're working on colors, but only because they already started it at daycare...I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise! *UPDATE===I still realize what the boys can be learning from what they learn at daycare, but I also work with them a lot more at home. I'm quite proud of my little smarties!

    17. I hate when people look at my kids funny because they sign. I've even had people ask what was wrong with them!!!!!!! They don't sign as much now, but that's always bothered me! *UPDATE===The boys don't even REMEMBER sign anymore & that's sad :(. They still sign sorry though...not sure how to get them to stop that!

    18. I am extremely strict about my boys' schedule. It drives my family nuts & I worry that I'm raising 'non flexible' kids. My DH has just learned not to mess with me over their schedule & my obsession with their schedule was the main reason I pulled them from 2 daycares already! It's effected almost all of our roadtrips, too, since I will only travel during sleep times. *UPDATE===I'm much more flexible now...I'm quite proud of this accomplishment since this original confession! And the boys adapt well now. If they were still younger, I doubt I'd be flexible still. I thrived on that schedule when they were small!

    19. We have WAY too many toys. I think the overabundance of toys overwhelms them, but I'm not organized enough to rotate them...or clean them up every day. This past weekend I finally dug through them to pack up the baby toys. They were still playing with rattles & links from when they were newborns! *UPDATE===Even more toys. And most of them bigger. It's quite pathetic, really. It looks like a daycare exploded in my house! But, the boys are now expected to clean them up each night, so things are a lot less chaotic!

    20. (I wanted to get to 20 & I made it!) I'm guilty of being 'that' person gawking over another set of multiples. But it's different now. I'm gawking to see how that multiples-mommy is handling things out & about too!!!! *UPDATE===Still gawk over multiples. Now I typically QUICKLY say hi to the other mommy (quickly b/c I remember trying to get out with twinfants) & tell them it DOES get better! I think it's crazy, though....seems like once I had twins, I see them all over now!

    Overall, I'm quite proud of the few accomplishments I've made over time, but still have stuff to work on, apparently!!!

    Interesting thread! I had totally forgotten about the confessions!
  4. JessiePlus2

    JessiePlus2 Well-Known Member

    LOL! I do this too! I never day anything either, but I am always checking them out and seeing if I can assess the mom's mental state.
  5. kharker711

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    11. My kids are always dressed perfectly & they MUST either coordinate or match at all times (I need to get over that soon, I'm sure). Their hair must also look good. Hopefully people look at just them, because I rarely even BRUSH my hair before we leave the house. *UPDATE===I'm seriously going to need therapy for this one. Mine still MUST coordinate (even pjs). I'm starting to get a little over it, but thankfully my boys don't question me yet :)!

    I am the exact same way!!! I dress them mostly in coordinating outfits for daycare because they have new teachers that can't tell them apart yet. My husband just sighs at night while I run around frantically looking for the pj's that match! I'm glad I'm not the only one still doing this. I figure I will do it until they are old enough to choose what they want to wear!
  6. Utopia122

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    Some of these are really funny! And its nice to know that some of things I have struggled with in the past other people have too!
  7. becasquared

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