going to be a mom of 3 girls!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by twinkatsmommie, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. twinkatsmommie

    twinkatsmommie Active Member

    I have a 5 year old daughter, the pregnancy was good, but I suffered afterwards I was in and out of the mental hospital after having her ( 4 different stays, from 5 days to 2 weeks in length). I cant spell the diagnosis but its worse then depression, I had a totally different life when that happened. I left her dad and got my head back on straight and did me right for a change. Then a friend of over 10 years came back into my life like a thunderstorm...we had lost touch but when he found me again there was no going back. We have been together and very happy for almost 3 years. My doc had told me that having another child was not a good idea because of the mental things that happened. We discussed it (doc, my honey and family) and decided to try. We tried for about a year to get pregnant, and then it happened...so excited but his sister in law found out she was pregnant the same weekend and she started all kinds of drama. But we rose above it. We found it was twins and had every feeling from happy to panic. To be honest I am in panic mode a lot. We moved in with my Mom to help her out and her to help us out when the girls come. My 5 year old is very excited about having sisters, her bio dad has two other daughters that are older then her. I quit my job because at 5 months into this pregnancy I was diagnosed with Ashma and my energy levels most of the time are very low. My job was very fast paced and stressful and it took to much out of me. And I feel as the days go by I am getting more exhausted, and I have pain in my pelvis when I walk which makes it hard to move around.The doc called it Pelvic Griddle pain...and with my belly growing inches every week its hard to do anything. we got moved in to my moms and the house is unorganized and messy. I feel horrible just laying in bed while the house work increases. My honey works and goes to school full time and he does as much as he can.
    I feel overwhelmed and just need support from woman that have been through this stuff and not judge me...
  2. Heathermomof5

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    CONGRATULATIONS on the twins! Don't worry about the house stuff just concentrate on growing those two little princesses!!
  3. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    Congrats, we also have three little girls!!
  4. twinkatsmommie

    twinkatsmommie Active Member

    had to go back to the hospital because of breathing issues, I am now on the t medication and not able to use my albuterol because the n medication made my blood pressure bottom out. I am home and resting and nervous because they said that if I cant keep my breathing controlled without the albuterol then I will have to be admitted and stay till birth. trying to keep positive but its hard. I am only 27 weeks, sigh
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