Has anyone ever requested same set of teachers, but not same class?

Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by Lougood, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Lougood

    Lougood Well-Known Member

    Next year the girls will be in split classes so they'll have two teachers. I want to request the same set of teachers, but in different classes. My reasons are partially selfish and for our convenience, but also academically based. The two "good" teachers are GT certified and since one of them tested into the program she'll be in their class and I'd love for the other to be with them too. I haven't had the best experience this year and I'm tired of the academic discrepancies within the grade level. If you've made this request before, how did you go about it and how did it go? I don't really want them in the same class, but if they refuse my request I will probably use the Twins Law and have them placed together.
  2. sharongl

    sharongl Well-Known Member

    Our school policy is no requests, except for multiples, if a teacher lives in your neigborhood, or if an older sibling had a teacher.  I made that request in 4th grade, and my boys were put on the same team--a month into school they swapped their homerooms, because one was egging on some of the kids, and he needed to be in the other homeroom.  At the end of the year, I asked the homeroom teacher if I should make the request again, and she told me to trust her to get them placed appropriately.  It turned out they were the only set of twins (there are 4 sets in their grade), who had the same team.
    I just sent a letter to the principal requesting in 4th grade that they be on the same team--you cannot request specific teachers, and they honored that request.  That is considered to be a reasonable request, and they usually honor it--unless there is a situation where a teacher feels there is a specific reason not to--like someone else is a better fit for the child. You can also talk to the current teachers--many times I have made informal placement requests, and the teachers when creating the groups at the end of the year take care of placing the kids appropriately.
    Keep in mind, that in your case, there may not be room in the other class, if all children IDed as Gifted go to that team, so it may be that they can't be unless you pull the Gifted one...
  3. ljcrochet

    ljcrochet Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I have never written a request for my girls classes.  But I know of lots of other parents who have written in asking for teachers that have a certain style or not have a certain style ( so they either get the teacher they want or don't get the teacher the do not want).  
    I know of parents who have written asking that their child not be placed in the same class with other kids, which the school usually does.  I have never written anything.  Before my girls went in to K, we talked to the Pre-k teacher about splitting up the girls.  Pre-k was in their elementary school so she knew the K teachers.  We trusted that she would make sure the girls were placed with the teachers who would fit them best.  Pretty much every year their teachers have been a good fit, and their sisters teacher may or may not have been a good fit.
  4. KCMichigan

    KCMichigan Well-Known Member

    We are not allowed to request specific teachers, but my girls have been together their entire academic career.
    We have had to write a formal letter starting in 2nd grade stating our preferences against the schools choice to split them up (just because they prefer to split twins not anything specific to my daughters).
    It has worked out well since academically they are almost equal and would be 'traveling' to the same room anyhow.
    Just be clear, concise, and specific in your request (preferably in written format). Try to use concrete examples and I would deemphasize that it is more convenient but rather examples of why your daughters would do well with a certain type of teacher (describing the team you want) and why they would do best together. 
  5. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    Like others, each year the principal sends a letter to the parents inviting them to write a letter to be used during placement decisions.  The instructions are to write about the type of educational environment you think your child should be placed or any circumstances the school may not know about.  No teacher requests as teachers move grade levels.  In the last two years my girls have always been placed in classes that are compatible with each other.  Meaning the teachers work together and co-teach.  I've never requested it, but its worked out well for us.  I've also met with the teachers to ask if I should write a letter to specify anything (to help their case for why they think my child should be placed somewhere- as the final decision is made by the principal).  I plan to do that again this year for next year's placement.  
    If I were you, I'd talk to your girls' current teachers first and see what they recommend so you can get them on the same team.  Good luck!
  6. Lougood

    Lougood Well-Known Member

    Thank you ladies, I appreciate your input. I plan on writing the letter next week. I've always trusted they be put with teachers to best fit their needs and it has worked fine up until this year. We've just had a heck of a time with numerous issues and are hoping to have a better experience next year.

    Sharon, there wouldn't be a placement problem with the non GT child, they don't have the numbers to even make up one whole class.
  7. tarcoulis

    tarcoulis Well-Known Member

    Before requesting, I talk to their current teachers who are not supposed to recommend a certain teacher but can tell me each teacher's personality, teaching style, strengths, etc as well as how they view my kids strengths, weaknesses, how they work best etc.   I also seek their current teachers' input on keeping them together or separating.  Then I write a request letter to the principal explaining how I arrived at the decisions leading to our requests.  
    Previous teachers are also a great source of information if you've remained close to them.  While the current teachers can't recommend anyone specifically, previous teachers seem to be more free to do so, as well as who may be retiring, transferring etc.
  8. rubyturquoise

    rubyturquoise Well-Known Member

    That's actually the standard for twins in our district. Same teaching team, but not in the same classroom at the same time. It works very well, they get the same homework, but have a break from each other during the day.
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