Healthy Sleep, Happy Twins

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by purplemax99, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. purplemax99

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    I used the singelton version of this for our 2 year old son and it worked magic. Has anyone read this version? I am wondering if it is simply the same concepts as the original (newborns need to sleep every 2 hrs from time of waking, self soothe, etc), or if there is something really unique to twins. I just don't have time to read a book if there's no relevant info! My twins girls just turned 3mths and I have got them onto the 2hr concept, with both sleeping/waking at the same time and putting themselves to sleep. They wake once during the night and then are up between 6-7am. I am hoping that they will go from 6pm-6am within the next mth (that was the timing for our son).
  2. ourtwopeas

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    I have the book but I don't have the original so I can't compare. It's quite short. If I recall from somewhere else it is basically a summary of the original book with the added rule of keeping the twins on the same schedule. So one to sleep both to sleep, one awake both awake.

    Just curious- are you breastfeeding? I am not sure if this method could work until we are down to one feeding a night.

    Ours do not fall asleep on their own. They need to be cuddled to sleep though for shorter periods now. They also seems to have different sleep needs and though we try to put them to sleep at the same time, it doesn't always work that way. What do you do if one is tired but the other is not? Do you let them cry until they fall asleep?
  3. SC_Amy

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    I have both. The twin version I think is worth reading once--it has results of research he did on twins (mostly parent surveys). But unlike the original, it's not one you'd really need on hand as a reference. If you can borrow it from your library or something, it's a quick read. You can skim it and see if you glean anything useful.
  4. 5280babies

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    I think skimming it would be useful - I read it first and then got the original, which I liked better because it was much more thorough. But it is thick and I have piece-mealed my way through. Think you would fly through the twins version.
  5. purplemax99

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  6. purplemax99

    purplemax99 Member

    It took about 5 days to get them onto the schedule that the book outlines. When they wake in the morning, I start with every 2hours sleep. To get them sleeping at the same time, I wake one up if she is still asleep, or put the one that is less tired down to nap 10 min or so after the first one. I do the same routine to put them down, then let them cry it out. The crying only lasted about 1 day, then they figured it out. I stopped breastfeeding about a month ago - pros and cons, but at least I am able to feed them at the same time with no problem. My DH works in another country Mon-Fri, so the routine is a life saver. Good luck with it! My girls were born on Sept. 9th - what about your twins? Are they STTN yet?
  7. meganguttman

    meganguttman Well-Known Member

    Compared to where we were at 3 months, it sounds like you guys are doing great! I wouldn't buy it, just use the twins section in the orginal, though I haven't read the twins one so take that with a grain of salt!
  8. KKing

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    I got the twins version and was dissapointed! I read it in one day. I found it to be filled with more "facts" about twins than any useful sleep schedules. I would stick with the original.

  9. AmberG

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    The original version is much better than the twins version. I read through the twins version very quickly and it went straight to a shelf in my garage. I refer to the original version regularly. If you have the time, the twins version might be worth a read, but there's not much that you would want to refer back to.
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