how are monochorionic twins (mono/di) usually delivered

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by jaam4eva, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. jaam4eva

    jaam4eva Well-Known Member

    c-section or vaginal birth?
  2. miss_bossy18

    miss_bossy18 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    i don't think there is a "normal" - i think it really depends on each individual situation. my mono/di girls were delivered vag at 34w1d & baby B was larger by a pound and a half. both girls were head down for the majority of my pregnancy. baby B was also polyhydramios (or whatever it's called when they have more amniotic fluid than their twin) so there was some concern of TTTS developing but it never did.
  3. Jenn G

    Jenn G Well-Known Member

    I think it can go either way depending on your ob, the babies positions, etc. My boys were c section because my ob doesn't do vbac's, but they both ended up breech so it would have been a c section regardless.
  4. kdanielleflowers

    kdanielleflowers Well-Known Member

    I have mono/di girls and have been facing the same question. From what I've gathered, you can try vag (if the positioning is right and your doctor is comfortable with it) but I personally will probably opt for c/s given some of the unwanted complications that can arise with vag births in mono/di twins (mostly cord issues). I think it also depends on how much of a membrane there is between your two babies or if they're in completely different sacs.

    Again, just my preference. Have a nice talk with your peri and/or doc about it.
  5. melissa1

    melissa1 Well-Known Member

    It really all depends on your doctor mine is more comfortable with vag. if they are head down, but a section any other way. I would ask you Dr. how he feels about it. (mine are mono/di as well)
  6. eehrlich

    eehrlich Well-Known Member

    mine were delivered vag. baby a was larger and head down, b was smaller and breech - all went well.
  7. MusicalAli

    MusicalAli Well-Known Member

    Mine were vag and 7 lbs each.
  8. sviger

    sviger New Member

    I'm 27 wks prego with mono/di twins and my peri and OB both agree that a c-section without question. I had a previous c which makes it automatic, but my docs regardless would have chosen c. Also, my docs won't let me go past 36 weeks as monodizygotic twins have an increased chance of still born after 36 weeks. The less stress on them and mom is the best for twins.
  9. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    Mine were by c-section but that was only because we had to induce before my body was ready and I came down with complications that necessitated a semi-emergency c-section. We were planning on a vaginal birth.
  10. ferfischer

    ferfischer Well-Known Member

    I had a c-section with my mo/di twins. They were both breech so I didn't have a choice. They had TTTS, monitored frequently and it was stable. I went to 38w4d! They were small but healthy and came home with me. If they had both been vertex I would have thought about a vaginal birth (I had a successful vag birth with DS) but since TTTS was already an issue, I may have wanted the c-section anyway. As it was my donor baby only had an apgar of 3!
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