how can you work?

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    I would just like to say that in reading everyone's posts here the one common thread is the enormous pressure women have to be great/loving/caring moms, raise their children well, do what's best for the family ALWAYS, and also work and contribute to the family income and future.
    No wonder we are all exhausted in different ways! I say-do whatever is best for your children and family first, but don't sacrifice yourself in the process. If you can handle being at home-do it! If you need or want to work-do it! Children grow up in all sorts of circumstances in this world, and everyone on this forum sounds like a great mom who is doing her absolute best:)
    I stay at home for several reasons and I do love it, but believe me, I cried and cried when I resigned from an excellent, high income position that I achieved after many years of hard work and education. But I feel I have many years to regain that success and work, and these first few years with my little ones can never be replicated. I support you all in your decisions!
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    To be honest, I can't stand my job and if I got an opportunity to give it up, I would do it. Unfortunately, I have some debts which I should repay or a lender will hire Private Debt Collection and I don't want it. I know that they are able to take everything I have

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