How do you set up your Curriculum ?

Discussion in 'General' started by rheamay, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. rheamay

    rheamay Well-Known Member

    Okay, so a homeschool newbie with my first (of many more to come) question. :)

    I'm trying to plan my preschool activities to test this out. I really like This Site because it practically spells it out for me. It picks a "letter of the week" and then builds on vocabulary words and such. But the vocabulary/poems/stories don't seem to really have anything to do with the weekly letter. Eg: Week one is letter "A" but then the subject is cows. Would it be more beneficial to have the subject something that started with an "A?" Like Airplanes or Alligators? And stories that start with "A"?

    Does what I'm asking make any sense? lol? I understand that these are all guidelines and I can really do what I want. But I also don't want to get in some screwy place that I can't figure out where I'm going. lOL.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. NINI H

    NINI H Well-Known Member

  3. Susanna+3

    Susanna+3 Well-Known Member

    Sonlight curriculum also has some great pre-school stuff. Honestly I think you could piece together your own stuff just by going to the library and doing a letter each week. But if you have a bit of extra $$ set aside the sonlight stuff is really nice and it's all put together very nicely for you. The nice thing is that for pre-k there really aren't a lot of consumables so you only pay 1 price for 2 kids! (There are some benefits to having twins! LOL!)
  4. Aurie

    Aurie Well-Known Member

    The Letter of the Week is a really great find! I am sure you are going to love it and it really does a good job of spelling things out. I wouldn't get too hung up on doing things wrong or right during the preschool ages. It really is about introducing them to learning and making it fun. It doesn't have to be about structure or getting everything doing on schedule. Good luck!
  5. chris629

    chris629 Well-Known Member

    I started pre-s last yr and will be doing K this yr (altho he would have been too young for the ps K, he would turn 5 too late). I am a little nervous about forgetting something or getting lost too.
  6. jenn-

    jenn- Well-Known Member

    I started with LOTW, but slowly petered out with it when we brought DD home for good. Let me tell you the boys still remember some of the fun facts about cows and milk we talked about. I thought the whole not matching the letter was kinda weird to, but I went with it so I didn't have to set it up myself.
  7. mel_michigan

    mel_michigan Well-Known Member

    We use time4learning with my oldest and with the twins too, they love it! I haven't looked to close at the preschool yet but the kindergarten is great, all set up for you in lessons with teaching guides that you can print out, they have worksheets, activities, coordinating books you can get from the library, some really nice stuff. I've found them to be more in line with the state GLCE's than other curriculum and much more affordable. I augment with HOP for the preschool and kindergarten and use different history and science for my older daughter, I also use the Kumon books for math and lower level letter recognition, early letter writing. I use the K12 books for language arts to go along with the time4learning because our GLCE's are a little more demanding in that area and it is an area that my oldest struggles in.
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