How much formula at 10 almost 11 months?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by AmyH, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. AmyH

    AmyH Well-Known Member

    Hey Ladies, it's been a while since I've had time to post, I've been lurking and reading topics when I have time! :) We recently went on a 2 week vacation, when we started it the babies were eating 4 6oz bottles a day, but probably could have dropped one, I just didn't want to during vacation.. The second week we were gone J wasn't finishing any of his bottle and D wasn't finishing most of them, so I cut one out and it was the same thing.. The last 2 days of vacation neither of them would drink more than 2 oz in a bottle, twice a day.. that was 4 oz total.. (they were drinking water, and eating plenty of food) .. When we got home I tried putting formula in sippy cups and they drank them all right away.. Great, now I don't have to worry about cutting out bottles in a month and a half they decided to do it for me!! But they only finish 2 6oz cups a day, the middle of the day sippy they drink about half of it, so maybe 3 oz, and they get a sippy of water throughout the day...

    Anyway.. I'm just wondering how much formula should I be trying to get in them? Or is the 12 to 15 oz enough?? I know Whole milk is suppose to wait until they turn one, they've tried it before in big brothers cup and loved it, so I was wondering if I should just give them a sippy of milk once during the day so they'll be getting their formula and some milk?!

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. Kludelhoven

    Kludelhoven Well-Known Member

    So glad you posted this, sorry I cant help but the same exact thing is happening with us. More my daughter then my son, he is pretty good at finishing 4 6oz bottles but I almost think we could maybe drop 1 bottle. My daughter if we are lucky will drink 3.5-4oz per bottle. Maybe I should swap one bottle out and try the sippy with them. Anyway i'm interested in the responses you get but at least I know its not just my two kids!
  3. HorseyLover

    HorseyLover Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in what people say too. We are on the opposite end though - my boys are still drinking 4 bottles a day - and finish almost all 8 ozs. They are getting worse with the solids - they'll eat oatmeal and fruit, and they'll also eat yogurt - but are starting to reject lumpy foods. I'm going to talk to the pedi on Friday.
  4. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    Our pedi told us from 9-12 months, they should be getting 16-24 oz. a day approximately. But she ALSO said that that is only an average - some kids need more, some less, and as long as they are keeping up a steady growth rate, they are fine. So if they are getting 12-15 oz. and seem satisfied and still growing, it is probably okay.

    My one question would be - how much solids are you giving them? Would it make any difference if you backed off on solids a bit? Our guys get 24 and 25 oz. a day, and three meals, each approximately 3-4 oz. of solids. They don't seem super hungry for their bottles lately, though, and since they are on the high-end of the formula range, I'm getting ready to try dropping their formula a bit and adding a bit more solids (which pedi said we could do). I will also probably be dropping to three bottles soon - it's been impossible before now with how much they were eating.
  5. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    I was worrying about my girls' caloric intake at the last appointment, so I asked very similar questions. He said that the formula intake should decrease and then sort of sit at a lower amount, but that solids should increase. This terrified us, as I dread mealtimes now. Is that terrible?

    Anyway, he made us a photocopy of the growth cart and mapped the weight line that he was comfortable with and set our next appointment for six weeks instead of eight. If anything changes with the projection of their growth, we are supposed to call to see him sooner.

    Maybe ask your pedi to do the same? It was a HUGE relief for us to have some tangible proof that the girls aren't wasting away from malnourishment...
  6. tdhillon

    tdhillon Well-Known Member

    DS's intake is also around 12-15oz and one day he too only had 4 ounces...worried me the death, nearly. I am so happy when he hit double digits for the day. Just want to comment about the whole milk...our pedi said that she was comfortable with DS having only whole milk as long as he was taking some vitamins (i.e. polyvisol) in addition to it since whole milk does not have much in it. He had just turned 10 months at that time. I would just confirm with your pedi and see if they have any other suggestions. I think having it once a day should not be a problem and they may not have to take vitamins either, but just confirm with your pedi.

    I wish my LOs would drink that well from a sippy cup as yours....that is great!!
  7. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    It's all a science, isn't it?!?! I agree with pp-if they seem to be growing well, I wouldn't worry too much. How is their solid intake? And-when are they getting them? I can only think that maybe the solids are cutting into the bottles-or they are eating more solids. As long as you are giving them the bottle first, then the solid I don't see a huge issue. My kids were awful at finishing bottles. Drove me bonkers.

    Now I ask-do you offer the bottle again? When I say they were awful at finishing-I mean-I would make an 8oz bottle. NEVER EVER did they finish it in that first sitting. It would take an hour to finish it. Now granted, we all don't have that time to keep offering the bottle. I usually did. And it was with all three kids. And also, they are getting older, wanting to do more things, sitting down is probably not one of them! :laughing:

    I would bring up your concerns to the pedi and go from there.

    IVF TWINS Well-Known Member

    My girls are about 10.5 months. They eat between 16-21oz a day. Their Pedi. also said they should be getting between 16-24oz a day. As for whole milk she said we could start at the 11 month mark if we wanted to. I agree that if your worried you can always add a vitamin in their diet.

    Usually the girls day goes like this:

    5-7oz bottle

    4-6oz solids

    7oz bottle

    4-6oz solids

    7oz bottle

    They have snacks between when needed but thats a basic day.
  9. ohd1974

    ohd1974 Well-Known Member

    My girls have about 24 oz a day. They take an 8oz at bed time and 8oz when they wake up-the other 8oz is spread out during the day. They have been on homo milk now for almost a month. I got the go ahead at their 9 month appt. to start switching.
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