How much solid for 10 month old?

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    Ours are 10.5 months. I'm getting anxious on how we are going drop bottles when they turn one as ours still have 5 bottles / 6-8oz a day. We and the daycare do give them solid , til they are full/reject them, 2-3 times a day depends on how long they sleep during the day . It doesn't seem like we will be able to drop day time bottles when they turn one , does it?

    Thanks in advance for the feedbacks!
  2. w101ttd

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    At that age, we did 4 8 oz bottles and 3 solids. At each solid feeding, we offered some finger food puffs, cherios dipped in milk, some peas carrots, scrambled egg, pancake, ...something soft and diced. Gave them like 15 - 20 mins then fed them their baby food. They ate like 1.5 containers each. Mine didn't eat finger and real food well until they turned 1.
  3. mandywellman

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    YOu should not drop all the bottles at once, every one does it differently but i would drop them one at a time. At 10.5 months my girls were getting 3 bottles a day. At 10 months i dropped from 4 to 3 at 11 months i droped from 3 to 2 and at one i droped too one bottle a day, which they still get and its right b4 bed! Next week I am dropping it!

    If you are like me it was hard to start dropping bottles, I thought they "needed it" but after a day or two of changing their schedile a bit by dropping a bottle and adding a snack, they didnt even notice! I def. would, start dropping them so your babies can be off bottles by 15 months! (so they say that is the magic numer) some say 12 months!

    Also, I would start making sure they get 3 "meals" a day. since that is waht youa re eventually going for. at 10.5 months my kiddos were..

    7wake and 8 oz bottle
    830--solids --pancakes or some tpye of real food plus a baby jar of fruit
    930 -11 nap
    11-(i had just dropped this bottle when they woke up so i gave them a snack here)
    1230 - lunch 1 baby veggie plus real people food
    230--8 oz bottle nap
    530- one veggie or fruit bbaby food and then real people food
    8-bed and 8oz bottle

    good luck!:)
  4. eagleswings216

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    When our boys were in the 9-12 month range, our pedi told us they should have 16-24 oz. a day. I would say drop a bottle (one of the midday ones) and see what happens. My guess is they will eat more solids, and you could even add a snack if needed. At that age, our boys were getting 3 bottles a day and a snack. Roughly like this:
    6am - bottle
    8am - breakfast
    10:00am - snack (replaced a bottle here)
    12:30pm - lunch
    2:30 pm - bottle
    5pm - dinner
    7pm - bottle then bed

    Each solids meal was about 4-5 oz. total, and snack was something like yogurt or fruit.

    I agree with the pp that you don't want to drop bottles all at once. Around 11 months, I started putting formula in a sippy cup. It took them a couple of days to get used to the idea, but soon I was able to take the 2:30pm bottle and make it a sippy with each meal. Then I replaced the morning bottle, and finally the evening bottle. My boys didn't seem to mind, but I did it very slowly.
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