How to overcome stress and depression?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeraldina, May 5, 2020.

  1. Jeraldina

    Jeraldina Member

    The coronavirus pandemic caused my husband to be unemployed. It was our family's main income. I support my husband as much as I can. But who's going to support me? I lost my dream. I jump up in the middle of the night. What should I do?
  2. hipiva

    hipiva Member

    Try to take yoga and breathing gymnastics. It's soothing.
  3. Yorda

    Yorda Member

    We ended up all in a difficult time. How we survive this and how we come out of quarantine will determine our future. I don't think you want to make scandals or get divorced.
    Your husband needs your support. You need to calm down.
    It's true, yoga is soothing. If there is an opportunity you can practice at home online workout there. To relieve anxiety and nervousness, I am helped by kratom It's a plant-based drug. I, too, had a difficult period in my life. Now I'm recovering
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  4. Jeraldina

    Jeraldina Member

    Thank you for the recommendations. To calm down is what I need right now. Inside I have everything boiling and I'm ready at any moment to break down to cry
  5. Kessedi

    Kessedi Well-Known Member

    I would very much like to help you and advise you also from the anxiety and anxiety of this wonderful Blessed CBD in the UK. Just pay attention to the reviews about this natural and safe for health product. I am sure that in just a week you will become much less worried and will think clearly. Well, in the end, pay attention to this link cbd uk law.
  6. lauwss

    lauwss Member

    Hi, I do understand you! My husband and I also lost our job due to coronavirus. I had to look for a minimal side job online. It's true, now there are a lot of people who are looking for outsourcing specialists to perform small tasks. While my husband and I have enough money from such a job. For mental health, I also recommend CBD products. This will help you not to wake up at night. I add cbd syrup to my food.
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