Increasing Size Difference (Fraternal Twins)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by happylabs, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. happylabs

    happylabs Member

    I had my first appt. with the peri today and now I'm really worried. If anyone has stories to share that turned out well (or not so well) please let me know!

    Brief history:
    I'm pg with follistim/hcg and timed intercourse
    US at 6w showed one heartbeat, one empty sack, one with possible fetal pole but no heartbeat.
    US at 8w showed one baby with a head, belly, arm/leg buds jerking around, one still empty sack, and the fetal pole had a heartbeat, but was still that little grey flashing bean. She didn't look antying like the other baby at that point.
    US at 12 weeks showed a 1 week size difference with B still being smaller.

    Today at the peri appointment, (18 weeks) baby B is now 3 weeks behind. :(

    I spoke with the peri afterwards and he basically said that this big of a size difference is definitely not something they see with fraternal twins. He said that as of right now, Baby B is really small (she is 1/4lb and A is 1/2lb) to get really good measurements. He said that it could be possible that we have one healthy baby and one not healthy baby. Baby B could have a chromosomal abnormality but anatomically she looks great, perfect heartbeat and there is nothing right now that raises any red flags. He said that we could have an amnio done, but there are risks involved with that and if we didn't plan to do anything based on the results, then it was probably not something he'd recommend. I said no to the amnio because of that reason, we wouldn't change the pregnancy, and I'd hate for something to cause me to lose both babies if there was nothing wrong to begin with. He said if there is something chromosomally wrong with her, there is really nothing we can do. He said if not, then I'll probably be put on bedrest and for now to just limit my activity. I asked him if I could load up on protein or something if that might help, and he said no, probably not so just keep eating what I'm eating. So now it's kind of a "wait and see" and I have 3 more weeks to wait for my next ultrasound with him. He said that the next ultrasound should be a lot more telling but in the meantime I'm so very scared. My husband was worried for the first time today and he's always the one who is just sure everything is going to be fine. Any thoughts? Any experiences? I'm just so scared for my little one. :(

    Here is one of the u/s pics from today - you can see baby A on the left and B on the right and you can visibally tell the difference just in their head size and the fact that A looks more filled out.
  2. natmarie

    natmarie Well-Known Member

    First off, Many hugs to you! :hug99: What a stressful situation to be in.

    My first question, how can you tell for sure right now if your twins are fraternal? Is one a boy and a girl? I know there are a couple people on the site and my aunt (I think) who had id twins, even though they had their own sac and placenta. If it isn't for sure that they are fraternal, there are a lot of different problems that could be going on if they are id. twins.

    Going back to the fraternal thing. When one of my babies was measuring behind the other one (a week I think) the peri said that it could be due to the fact that they are brother and sis, not identical. These babies have just as much in common genetically that they would with a brother or a sister so there would be differences in their weight. Also she mentioned that maybe my body just makes bigger girl babies then boy babies. In the end, they ended up weighing exactly the same. I too was worried for the little one , but in the end it all worked out. Granted, they didn't have as big of a growth gap as your twins due.

    Also, the doc said that one twin could be behind due to the fact they could have been conceived on different days since they were fraternal twins.

    Another thing to remember is that US have an error rate factored into the weights, I can't remember what it was.

    I think your best bet is to make sure that the doc and peri are following you really closely and to do what the doc says and take it easy. I really wished I would have taken it easier when I was preggo. I know it is a hard thing to do with a toddler though.

    Many hugs to you! :hug99:
  3. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    I'm so sorry you are going through this. :hug99: Is there any chance that Baby B was conceived a little later?
  4. cottoncandysky

    cottoncandysky Well-Known Member

    its my first pregnancy, and im about a week behind you so i have no words of advice but just wanted you to know youre in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    I am sorry that this is causing so much worry for you.

    My kids started off the same as you, almost the same exact story (except yours was at 6 and 8 weeks, and mine was at 7 and 9 weeks). At 14 weeks, my first level II u/s, they were a week apart. By the middle of my pregnancy (well, around 24 weeks), they were close to two weeks apart. By the end of my pregnancy they were three weeks apart. Ben was born at almost 1 1/2 pounds more than Hannah. He was a big baby and she was a small baby; they are still the same way.

    Now, is Baby B three weeks apart from her sister, or three weeks behind where she should be as a whole?
  6. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Sorry this is worrying you. I was told that frats would grow as they normally would as a singleton, each at their own rate. :hug99:

    ETA: That U/S picture is great!
  7. JediMom

    JediMom Well-Known Member

    I really don't have any words of comfort - but I do want to tell you that my Best Friend who had frat twins had a growth difference very early on, too. They didn't think Baby A was viable. Baby B was always bigger than baby A, too. Both were fine, though. I don't know what time difference there was between the two of them, but they were actually concieved with IUI so the date of conception is pin pointed. I doubt this helps, but perhaps gives you hope. Both twins are fine and turned one last Friday.

  8. twins2008

    twins2008 Well-Known Member

    I have no experience with this, but I wanted to let you know I will be thinking of you and your babies and will pray that they will be fine. Reading other posts, it seems like it has happened quite a bit and has worked out fine. Try not to worry to much until the next u/s. I would also say to maybe drink a Boost every day. It will give you extra protein and calories. Good luck.
  9. mrsriney00

    mrsriney00 Well-Known Member

    My story is almost the same as yours. At our 6 week u/s twin A had a heartbeat and twin B had nothing. At the 8 weeks appt. they both had heartbeats. My doc was very surprised B held on. She has always measured at least one week behind. My dr. said they may have even been conceived on different days. I had the level 2 u/s and everything turned out to be fine. Now I'm at 33 weeks and they are both doing really well! I'm sending good healthy twin thoughts your way!!!
  10. kribar

    kribar Well-Known Member

    I also don't have any advice or experience about this, but just waqanted to send you big hugs. :hug99: I can only imagine how scared you must be. Easier said than done, but try your hardest not to worry TOO much til your next appt. Stress just makes everything that much harder. Keep us posted! :FIFblush:
  11. xavier2001

    xavier2001 Well-Known Member

    Your story sounds similar to mine. At 6.5 weeks we had one baby with a strong heartbeat and one empty sac. At 8.5 weeks 2 babies, Baby A was measuring on target, Baby B a week behind. At 10 weeks Baby B caught up, but by 20 weeks she was behind again. The worst it got was a 33% growth discordance in the 28 week range (they like to see it under 15% in fraternals). The doc said that it was likely b/c they were fraternal and Baby B was a girl, but they still had me do weekly bpp, growth scans, and areterial blood flow studies to make sure that Baby B was getting everything she needed. When they were born, Baby A (Drew) weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces, Baby B (Olivia) 6 pounds 1 ounce. And even to this day, she is tiny compared to her brother, she still fits in all her 0-3 clothes while her brother is busting out of his 3-6. But she is perfectly healthy and on track for all her milestones.

    Hang in there, it sounds like they are keeping a close eye on you.
  12. Well-Known Member

    My sister's twin boys are two now, and they were very different sizes in the womb and today! One was 7 lbs. 12 oz. at birth, the other was 5 lbs. 14 oz. Today one weighs 24 lbs. and the other 35 lbs. They are both healthy children. I will pray for yours to be healthy too!
  13. kdmom

    kdmom Well-Known Member

    I didn't find out I was carrying twins until 19 weeks, so I didn't have the early US like you. When they were discovered, they were 20% different in size. The Peri said since they were fraternal and there was no evidence of the placentas fusing it was nothing to worry about. My regular OB, though, freaked out at every US in his office and sent me running back to the peri. Ultimately, they peri asked the regular OB to stop doing US on me. At one point, Danny was 38% bigger than Kaitlyn. They were born at 33 weeks at 4lbs13oz and 4 lbs even. They have pretty much stayed 20% to 25%different in size most of their lives.

  14. happylabs

    happylabs Member

    OMG! THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for all the well wishes and for sharing that this HAS happened! I honestly can say that reading this makes me feel a ton better and will help get me through the next 3 weeks without driving myself and my husband and probably the babies in there crazy, too. I will keep you all updated. I'm hoping she's just going to be a petite little thing and her sister is going to be a model... or basketball player. ;) lol I am still scared and will probably still keep the bad possibilities in the back of my mind, but I defintely feel more confident that my baby girl will be just fine thanks to your stories.
  15. aandax246

    aandax246 Well-Known Member

    My daughter has beautiful, healthy 11 month old fraternal boys. She was told from early on there could be real problems because one twin measured so much larger and so many weeks ahead of the other. She was given steroid shots because the doctor anticipated she would have to deliver early to save one twin. The boys were born at 32 weeks and weighed exactly 1 ounce apart and were the same height. We were scared half to death for months and there was no discrepancy.

    Keep the faith and trust that everything will be fine. Good luck
  16. Stinkpea

    Stinkpea Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    Sorry I am so late in responding.

    I had b/g twins and my baby a (my son) was always measuring a week or more ahead of my baby b. It varied anywhere from 3 days to start to up to 10 days at one point I think - basically a weeks difference for the most part. Baby B (my daughter) - was always from the get go smaller in all the measurements.

    I did IVF and I knew when they did the transfer (they transferred 3 embies) that one was already behind and they held no hope for it - to this day I believe that is my daughter. My first scan - there was only one sac. 2 weeks later - there she was.

    They estimated my baby b to be around 5 lbs at 34 weeks and my baby a (my son) to be around 6 lbs.

    They bumped up my c-section to 35 weeks as they felt my baby b had stopped growing. Well imagine my suprise when she was born at 3lbs 4 ounces and my son was twice her size at 6lbs 5 ounces. So that goes to show how those measurements can be inaccurate. The dr. said after it must have been the way she was positioned.

    Their latest weights at their 9 month appt. my son weighed 25 1/2 lbs and my daugter 18lbs.

    So keep the faith. My daughter was a fighter and I'll pray your baby b is too!
  17. dallastwins

    dallastwins Member

    Hi I am new to the board and have a similar situation. We have fraternal twins and our boy was only 4oz behind at 28 week sono, at our 31 week sono he was 1 lb behind so they admitted me initally for IV fluids b/c I was dehydrated and no I am full admit to the hospital for bedrest for the IUGR. I have tons of questions for the peri, but havnet seen him or my regular OB since i was admitted and told all this. My ob's partner is on call until Monday, so i will have to wait and see but they said I am here until 35 weeks..uggh...I feel like I can do the same thing at home...
    It sounds like a lot of people have gone through this and their babies are fine, best thing is to get lots of rest and keep them cooking. I will be thinking of you!
  18. swat

    swat New Member

    Hi it seems a lot of ppl have gone thru this... we have a similar situation.. where at 7 weeks 3 days - i was detected to have twins.. one is measuring small at 7w 2 days and the other at 6w 2 days.. both of us are very tensed to say the least..having sleeples nights.. the doc wants us to meet at 11 weeks for detailed US and if required have CVS for the babies to check if they are normal. I am also worried because of the risk with CVS.. any advice or words would be very appreciated..
  19. ruth77

    ruth77 New Member

    Hi there,

    I just found out a couple of days ago I'm having with twins. I went to the ER because I was bleeding even pasting blood clots with cramping and lower back pain. I knew I was pregnant and thought it was a miscarriage. To my surprise they told me they found another sack. They said it could either way at this point and I would have to wait. I had an ultra sound done the next day and they notice one sack was smaller than the other. I'm only 5 weeks and have to wait until I'm 7 weeks to have another ultra sound to see if we can see yoke sacks and heart beats. I'm pretty worried because I'm still bleeding and in pain. Hope the babies are okay!
  20. SC_Amy

    SC_Amy Well-Known Member

    QUOTE(happylabs @ Jan 31 2008, 04:32 PM) [snapback]599408[/snapback]
    OMG! THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you for all the well wishes and for sharing that this HAS happened! I honestly can say that reading this makes me feel a ton better and will help get me through the next 3 weeks without driving myself and my husband and probably the babies in there crazy, too. I will keep you all updated. I'm hoping she's just going to be a petite little thing and her sister is going to be a model... or basketball player. ;) lol I am still scared and will probably still keep the bad possibilities in the back of my mind, but I defintely feel more confident that my baby girl will be just fine thanks to your stories.

    I don't have any experience or advice for this--my boys are currently 13% different but that's the first time they've been more than 2 oz different. But I'm so glad the others' stories have encouraged you. Just wanted to send you a big hug and say I'm sending prayers your way for TWO healthy babies!
  21. rosenschaf

    rosenschaf Well-Known Member

    Sorry to be late to reply, but I thought I'd add this: we are expecting di/di boys in March via IVF. Because of my husband's health, we had PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnostics) done, so we know that all sorts of disabilities are ruled out. From the start, our two boys were about 20% different in size and initially, the doctors were concerned about the smaller one's health - until we told them about the PGD. I was soooo worried initially... Now they are perfectly satisfied with their growth despite the difference and say that both are doing well. Try not to worry too much!! Big hugs!!
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