Is it ok to let your child alone for a dental appointment?

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    Hey, my 4 years old DD is up for a dental appointment tomorrow!
    I don't know what is going to happen, it has been quite a while since she has been to a clinic.
    When we were in Oakville my DD had a cavity on her molar and it was treated by a pediatric dentist nearby! Ever since then she used to have dental appointments once in a while to check for cavities! At that time, the dentist was a specialist, who always ensure to make kids super comfortable before each session and let parents sit in the corner of the consulting room.
    My DD will act silly and won't cooperate with the procedure when I stay too close! At the same time, she will get tensed when I become out of sight! Our former dentist knows this and he used to act accordingly!
    After we moved from Oakville, I couldn't find a dentist with whom we both are fully satisfied! Whenever any dental emergency happens I used to fetch her to different dentists!
    Coming to the point, the receptionist of the clinic, from where we got an appointment for tomorrow has confirmed that the doctor will not allow parents to get into the consulting room! She said it is because the kids will act better when their parents aren't watching! My girl is naughty, but at the same time she is a sensible kid, so maybe she won't find this as an issue! But for me, this is a big deal, I don't want my kid to stay with a stranger for an abandoned period! Unfortunately, I am unable to cancel the appointment because of two reasons!
    1. I paid in advance to book the time slot!
    2. She badly needs a dental cleaning and I will need more time to find another dentist!
    I'm at stake! What should I do now? Feel like, I'm losing my mind!
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